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May 24, 2006

Another Too-Perfect Letter

Not to troll the Providence Journal letters section for material, but this offering from Vance Morgan — philosophy department chair at the ostensibly Catholic Providence College — is just too perfect to pass up:

Dawn Cousineau, one of the Catholic faithful protesting The Da Vinci Code, was quoted in a May 19 news story ("Da Vinci Code draws small protest") as saying that the movie is "a Christ-bashing film."

At the heart of the book and the movie is the hypothesis that Jesus fathered a daughter with his wife, Mary Magdalene. The book and movie are entertaining fiction, hardly substantial enough to challenge someone serious about his or her Christian faith.

But I'm wondering which is more offensive to Ms. Cousineau's belief system: marriage or parenthood?

Ah, how clever of Professor Vance! It must take multiple degrees to hone one's ability to leverage a deliberately superficial misunderstanding as an expression of contempt. As if to say: "Nobody's insulting you, you ignorant papist."

One can only hope that the "Da Vinci Code as family-values film" spin dies with this edition of the Journal.

Posted by Justin Katz at May 24, 2006 5:49 AM

Heh. What was the point of the professor's effort to put down, and offer for publication, his reaction to "one of the Catholic faithful"?

We should begin a fluff collection of such intellectually rigorous quotations regarding the "Da Vinci Code" hubris. Sorta like a belly-button lint collection. There are so many "professors" who are only too willing to belly-up.


Posted by: Chairm at May 24, 2006 6:38 PM

While I haven't read the book myself, I'm not sure I understand what makes The Da Vinci Code a Christ-bashing work. One hardly has to be as elaborate as a full book to deny the divinity of Christ.

My daughter read it and described it as horridly written, which I had heard from others as well. I half suspect that the movie version would not be a great improvement upon it.

On the one hand, the Professor is correct in that the book and movie are hardly substantial enough to challenge someone serious about his or her Christian faith, but those people are not the ones that it appears the protestors are concerned about. I dare say the apostles would have staged their own peaceful protest outside of the Parthenon with its false idols telling people of the blashpemies going on inside much the same way.

It sort of gives me a sense of connection to that earlier time.

Posted by: smmtheory at May 25, 2006 12:35 PM