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November 29, 2004

The Hero as Dad

Jeremy Glick's wife, Lyz, has published a book meant to preserve her memories of him for their daughter. As Michelle Malkin notes, Mrs. Glick has taken a much classier approach than have others whom 9/11 gave platforms, and I'll surely buy the book when I've found work.

As I discovered this summer, Jeremy and I took judo classes at the same dojo in Westwood, New Jersey (as did one of this year's female Olympians). Perhaps the season makes me more apt to recall such things, but right around the corner from the dojo, there's a little park with a gazebo; it's the sort of suburban public space that makes one think of holidays and traditions. Picture the images that our culture overlays on such places — summer concerts, winter strolls in the snow — and the odds are that you'll be sharing a thought with Jeremy.

Would that we could all be of such character as the Glicks. Pray that few of us will face such decisions.

Posted by Justin Katz at November 29, 2004 3:03 PM