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November 19, 2004

A Reminder of Reality

It's not a feeling in which I'd advise reclining for long; the lampooned attitude is too pervasive and too strong. Still, I found Martin Cothran's needling of one newspaper in Kentucky to be very satisfying:

The only thing more gratifying than seeing Kentuckians give an overwhelming vote of support for the institution of marriage is seeing the Herald-Leader get so upset about it.

How many editorials has it written condemning those who supported the amendment and bemoaning the fact that 75 percent of Kentuckians approved the Marriage Protection Amendment? Ten? Eleven? Twelve?

If a politician were repudiated by the margin the Herald-Leader was, the paper would be writing editorials about how out of touch he was. But when you're the one who's out of touch, it's hard to know exactly how far.

The media's condescending attitude in the debate over the definition of marriage is at the heart of only one of the many lessons that can be gleaned from the amendment's passage.

The first lesson is that vitriol and open disdain directed toward honest and well-intentioned people is not likely to sway their opinions. From the inception of the debate over same-sex marriage, the Herald-Leader has done little more than impugn the motives and question the integrity of the amendment's supporters. And in the process of lecturing readers about the evils of hate, the paper provided a perfect object lesson by engaging in the very activity it was condemning.

Read the whole thing. It's important that we pause, now and then in our struggle, to remind ourselves of the reality beneath the veneer and the rhetoric and the imbalance of power.

(Via Marriage Debate)

Posted by Justin Katz at November 19, 2004 12:02 PM
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