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October 7, 2004

Blogs Moving Forward and Falling Away

For any newish readers — or long-time ones, for that matter — I thought it worthwhile to mention that Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are essentially fourteen-to-sixteen hour workdays for me. On Mondays, I'm relatively fresh; on Fridays, I have the leeway to push some work into the weekend. In short, Wednesdays aren't likely to see but so much writing from me. The other days of the week, however, should be better than they've been, because switching to teaching three grades of English rather than three grades of math has cut my planning time tremendously. However much I get to, the blog will forge on.

Unfortunately, the same may not be true of Marty McKeever's Vigilance Matters blog, if a post saying "good-bye" to blogging is to be believed. Of course, one can't help but notice that Marty's blogged since his farewell, and that Jim Price offered, in the comments section of the not-final entry, to host him for free. We'll see.

Posted by Justin Katz at October 7, 2004 6:48 AM
Bloggers Blogging

Thanks Justin. Barring a sign from the Almighty, saturday is doomsday for VM. Personal reasons dictate this painful decision, but i'll still be around, and am sure to chime in here from time to time. You have been an inspiration to me.

Posted by: Marty at October 7, 2004 12:01 PM

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