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August 20, 2004

In a Sea of Snickers

I haven't had much to say about the Swift Boat Veterans and the media reaction to them, because it's in the high-profile blogger domain, and it's so obvious a call that I've nothing to add. See Instapundit for broad coverage; see Michelle Malkin's heavily trackbacked post for her first-hand encounter with the smoking and wheezing media spin machine in action.

As much as I've read on the topic, and as accustomed as we all are in the online world to stunning bias on the part of our better-paid counterparts in the mainstream, however, it's still a surreal experience to come across the coverage about which we're all complaining. Heading back from the post office, I just caught a brief ABC radio news segment related to the Vets, and the entire story — without mentioning what sorts of things the group is saying — was about how it might "backfire" on President Bush. ABC's official analyst George Stephanopoulos — yes, the former Clinton aide — described the dramatic moment at which John Kerry will turn to President Bush during a debate and say, "John McCain has condemned the Swift Boat Veterans' attacks on me. Why won't you?"

To anybody who's keeping track of both sides of this aspect of the campaign, that segment is reminiscent of one of those cliché scenes in a comedy when the con artist doesn't know that everybody else knows what he's up to and keeps going with some ridiculous story. I can't help but wonder how many people laughing behind their hands the newsies can willfully ignore before they find it necessary to try to salvage their credibility.

Can they even stop?

Posted by Justin Katz at August 20, 2004 4:23 PM
News Media

Bush has already said that ALL third-party advertisments (527 ads) should be shelved. Kerry ain't gonna do that, because Democrat 527 groups have about 10 times the money that the Republican 527 groups have.

Since candidates are forbidden by law from contacting and coordinating with 527 groups, the suggestion that Bush call them and tell them to stop would be illegal for him to do so.

Posted by: David R. Block at August 20, 2004 6:24 PM

I think the media won't ever get it. They'll just keep blaming someone else. They keep losing their ratings and they'll keep on blaming things. First it was Fox news, now it's the internet, never once will they have ever wondered about the crap they pull.

Posted by: Paul at August 20, 2004 9:02 PM

Core's Law of Old Media: We see the Democrats in Self-Destruct Mode partly because America's liberals believe their own lying propaganda.

Posted by: ELC at August 21, 2004 12:39 PM