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June 22, 2004

Guarding the Private Cash Well

Rhode Island's union cartel isn't happy about certain noises being made about curbing their power. They're going after the (Republican) governor with deceptive ads:

And so a campaign of ads against the governor has been unleashed. One published recently featured unattractive pictures of Governor Carcieri and slammed him for the pension he receives as a retired corporate executive. What it didn't point out is that the taxpayers pay for public-employee benefits -- not for Governor Carcieri's private pension -- and that most of the taxpayers doing the paying do not receive benefits nearly as plush. Nor does the ad point out that property taxes are going through the roof in many communities, and that elected officials are unable to manage efficiently, in part because of giveaways in contract negotiations. ...

The union leaders say their latest attack was in response to a May 10 fundraising letter by the governor. ... In a state where politicians have traditionally been too fearful to awaken powerful enemies, this talk borders on heresy.

To get rid of the thorn-in-the-side (Republican) mayor in Cranston, their strategy is a bit less rooted in the First Amendment:

The union that represents the city's crossing guards, Public Service Employees Local Union 1033 of the Laborers International Union, sent letters June 1 and June 7 asking union members to disaffiliate from the Democratic Party so they can vote against Mayor Stephen P. Laffey in the Sept. 14 primary. ...

The cards were then delivered en masse to the Board of Canvassers office, at City Hall.

The board's registrar, Jaclyn Caruolo, said most of the roughly 260 cards were dropped off in bunches. The rest, she said, were filled out individually at the office and witnessed by the clerks in the office, who serve as notaries.

Democrat City Committee Chairman Michael Sepe — through his sparkling level of class — evinced the degree to which he is a union stooge:

"I think the mayor right now needs a diaper change after what the unions are doing to him," Sepe said. "What's his problem? Now that they want to get into the Republican primary, you can't be crying about that."
Posted by Justin Katz at June 22, 2004 11:08 AM
Rhode Island

The crossing guard union just doesn't understand, how little, people care about them. From the people I work with, who don't particularly like republicans, a fair amount are amazed at the benefits the crossing guards got. Not that I'm surprised that a public union wouldn't realize the depth of public disatisfaction with that union.

As long as the union gets whats there's, they don't really care. And that's the real problem.

Posted by: Paul at June 22, 2004 6:43 PM


I think your second paragraph gets more to the heart of the matter: they don't care what the public thinks. However, as seems generally true around this state, the leeches suspect what the public would think, if informed, so their railing, when they are discovered, seems mainly against injustice at having been discovered.

Posted by: Justin Katz at June 23, 2004 4:54 PM