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01/09/2004: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
01/09/2004: Update on the Update
01/08/2004: Thursday Blog Memo
01/08/2004: Well, Stone Does Fade... Sort Of
01/08/2004: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
01/08/2004: Greed Isn't the Cure for Damaged Faith
01/07/2004: Is the Name Sly, Too?
01/07/2004: Tuesday... Making Things "Coming Soon"
01/07/2004: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
01/06/2004: Spinning Numbers... and Allegiances
01/06/2004: Songs You Should Know 01/06/04
01/06/2004: Vouchers for Me My Children, Please
01/05/2004: A Budding Career for a Dangerous Writer
01/05/2004: The End of Marriage in Two Rhetorical Steps
01/04/2004: Two Great One Liners
01/04/2004: World Famous in Rhode Island
01/03/2004: Mucky Sheep
01/03/2004: Joyful Brokenhearted Activism
01/03/2004: Turning the Page on Credulity
01/03/2004: Change the Voters, Not the Votees
01/03/2004: Why We Failed on September 11
01/02/2004: Paul Krugman... Dishonesty or Incompetence?
01/02/2004: Procedures for Missing Keys
01/02/2004: Today Didn't Happen
01/02/2004: Twenty for the Weekend
01/02/2004: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
01/01/2004: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
01/01/2004: Now It Starts to Hurt
01/01/2004: Three... Two... One...
12/31/2003: Witnessing by Example
12/31/2003: Free Archiving
12/31/2003: If You're Winning, You're Not Trying Hard Enough
12/31/2003: ... Doesn't Mean They're Not After You
12/31/2003: The Description of the Model
12/31/2003: Child Killed, Father Conned, Mother Deceived... Middle-Aged Woman Completely Affirmed in Her Choice
12/31/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
12/31/2003: We've Both Got Our Views, but I'm Right
12/31/2003: The Depth of Derbyshire
12/30/2003: Panning the Blog
12/30/2003: What a Totalitarian State Really Looks Like
12/30/2003: Those Coastal Puritans
12/30/2003: Songs You Should Know 12/30/03
12/29/2003: Not Everything Is Relative
12/29/2003: When Stories Come Together
12/29/2003: What's in the Price of a Name
12/28/2003: I Can't Wait to Vote for a Democrat!
12/28/2003: In Search of the Moral Cure
12/26/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
12/25/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
12/25/2003: Merry Christmas!
12/25/2003: The Sweet Yellow Cake of Vindication
12/24/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
12/24/2003: Ensuring Mobility of the Downtrodden
12/24/2003: Tis the Season to Bash Christians
12/24/2003: Anti-Israeli Sentiment for the Holidays
12/24/2003: Oh, Just Say It: "Our Side Good; Your Side Bad!"
12/24/2003: Not Being Obnoxious to Those on the Attack
12/24/2003: Pass It On
12/24/2003: Rolling Back Corruption in Reverse Order
12/23/2003: What You Have to Do Versus What You Are
12/23/2003: Songs You Should Know 12/23/03
12/22/2003: Preparing a Win-Win Strategy
12/22/2003: Our Faith Is Not for Sale
12/22/2003: Married to a Something
12/22/2003: Keeping the Consensus of History
12/22/2003: The Pendulum Begins to Swing Back
12/22/2003: Are Congresspeople that Ignorant/Dishonest?
12/22/2003: Spoiling for Spoilers
12/21/2003: Whatever It Is, It Isn't Objective
12/21/2003: Miracles Barred by Church/State Separation
12/20/2003: The Scouring of the Moral
12/19/2003: The Cheney Christmas Card Litmus Test
12/19/2003: Equivalence in the Hands of Men
12/19/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
12/18/2003: "Too Conservative for Rhode Island"
12/18/2003: The Dignity of a Demigod
12/18/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
12/17/2003: The Mystery of the Vatican
12/17/2003: Memo: Hard Thought Leads to Clear Thinking
12/17/2003: Another Solution in the FDA Pipeline
12/17/2003: On the Road to the Future
12/17/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
12/16/2003: Spinning Out of Control
12/16/2003: It's Never 60 Days Before a Supreme Court Judge's Election
12/16/2003: Putting Your Entire Life on the Line for Principle
12/16/2003: Songs You Should Know 12/16/03
12/16/2003: Sympathy for the Dictator
12/15/2003: A Universal Slap from Hill
12/15/2003: The Art of Baloney
12/14/2003: My Mood Caught
12/14/2003: What a Headline to Wake Up To
12/13/2003: Too Good to Be True... ? ...
12/13/2003: If You're Going to Be a Demented Partisan...
12/12/2003: A New Fantasy with an Old Cast
12/12/2003: It's in the Subtext
12/12/2003: Aren't Terrorists Insane by Definition?
12/12/2003: The U.S. Government: So Much to Reform and So Little Time
12/12/2003: There Is One Side to Every Big Oil Story
12/12/2003: Speaking of Traditions
12/12/2003: Allah Versus an Abstraction
12/12/2003: Step Away from the Submit Button, Ma'am
12/12/2003: The Glossen Rule
12/12/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
12/12/2003: No Bike Path Means No Resurrection
12/11/2003: The Blogger's Following
12/11/2003: Fables for Liberal Education
12/11/2003: Has the Press Picked a Side?
12/11/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
12/10/2003: Just to See What Happens
12/10/2003: And So Ends Tier 5
12/10/2003: Finding the Morality Gene
12/10/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
12/09/2003: Bush the Future
12/09/2003: Tuesdays with the Blog
12/09/2003: Songs You Should Know 12/09/03
12/08/2003: Like Lead in Water
12/07/2003: Howard Dean Becomes a Uniter, and Night Becomes Day
12/07/2003: A Tip for Not Making a Fool of Yourself
12/05/2003: Just Like the Ones I Never Knew
12/05/2003: Unemployment "Slipping"
12/05/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
12/04/2003: Why Do Mark Shea's Readers Continue to Volunteer to Be Targets?
12/04/2003: Some Catching Up
12/04/2003: Quothe the New Media: "Give Me Your Sick; Give Me Your Tired"
12/04/2003: Humbling Your Haughty Blogger
12/04/2003: Two Tones for Saying Conservatives Should Quit Politics Altogether
12/04/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
12/03/2003: Twelve More CDs
12/03/2003: Promiscuity as a Measure of Opportunity
12/03/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
12/02/2003: The Federalism Ruse
12/02/2003: Thank You, Sir, May I Have Another?
12/02/2003: Scraping by at $12.50 an Hour
12/02/2003: Notch by Notch, Winter by Winter
12/02/2003: Songs You Should Know 12/02/03
12/01/2003: Condemning Excommunication as a Political Tool
12/01/2003: The Catholic Church Has Forgotten Same-Sex Love?
12/01/2003: Monday Blogging
11/30/2003: Why Jonah Goldberg Should Support the FMA
11/28/2003: Fourteen for Black Friday
11/28/2003: Giving the Amendment the Sullivan Treatment
11/28/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
11/27/2003: Thanking Those Who Keep Us Free
11/27/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
11/27/2003: Being Thankful That We Can Learn from Other Cultures
11/26/2003: Fetuses and Gays, United in Their Struggle for Civil Rights
11/26/2003: Boys Marry Women Like Their Mothers
11/26/2003: Studio Matters Notes & Commentary
11/26/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
11/26/2003: The Enemy Offers No Points for Eloquence
11/25/2003: Censoring the Censorers
11/25/2003: Need Marriage?
11/25/2003: State GOPs Need a Few Lashings
11/25/2003: Spinning Against Religion
11/25/2003: Songs You Should Know 11/25/03
11/25/2003: Just Thinking 11/24/03
11/25/2003: Tuesday in the Blog
11/23/2003: More False Responses
11/23/2003: Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blaaaah
11/23/2003: The "Objective" Advocacy Continues
11/22/2003: The Gay Marriage Solution
11/21/2003: A Dozen for Debt
11/21/2003: My Personal Blog or an AP Styleguide?
11/21/2003: Bigotry Requires Obstinancy
11/21/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
11/21/2003: The End of an Old Trend Often Looks Like the Beginning of a New One
11/20/2003: Ambushed in Confidence Place
11/20/2003: The Standard Piece Succeeded
11/20/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
11/20/2003: Would a Dictionary Solve the Problem
11/19/2003: Seven Score
11/19/2003: Make It Go Away!
11/19/2003: That Incorribly Right-Wing Talk Radio!
11/19/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
11/19/2003: Songs You Should Know 11/18/03
11/18/2003: The Curmudgeons Are Always Right
11/18/2003: Finishing Out the First Lap
11/18/2003: Hold on to Your Seats
11/18/2003: A Is Forever, B Is a Limited Time Offer
11/18/2003: Well, I Guess We Should Have Known...
11/17/2003: Just Thinking 11/17/03
11/16/2003: A Quick Question (sort of quick and sort of a question)
11/15/2003: Milking Harvey Milk
11/15/2003: No More Wasted Breath
11/14/2003: Bias as a State of Being
11/14/2003: Setting Up the President
11/14/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
11/14/2003: Pre-Complaint Apology
11/14/2003: On the Heads of the Press
11/13/2003: Hard Questions Taken Up Fairly
11/13/2003: If You're Not Like Me...
11/13/2003: Insuring Other People's Dreams
11/13/2003: A Note on Thursday
11/13/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
11/12/2003: Song You Should Know 11/11/03
11/12/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
11/12/2003: Condi's Lies? Or an Educational Quagmire?
11/11/2003: Everything Old Is New Again
11/11/2003: Another Batch o' Debt Reduction
11/11/2003: Jeff Jarvis: All Too Human
11/11/2003: Those Dumb Men
11/11/2003: Seeing the World Clearly
11/10/2003: Taking Advantage of Seasons Enspirited by Others
11/10/2003: Studio Matters Notes & Commentary: Janet Malcolm / Susanna Coffey
11/10/2003: Where I've Been All Day
11/09/2003: The Matrix of Dogma of the Atheists
11/08/2003: A Madness I Have Never Known
11/08/2003: A Quick Response to the View
11/08/2003: Shhhh... Hear that? It's the Neocons!
11/07/2003: What Does the Title Matter, Anyway?
11/07/2003: The Shining and King's Absolution
11/07/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
11/06/2003: The Next Flash in the Controversy Pan
11/06/2003: Another Score to Settle (my debt)
11/06/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
11/05/2003: Changing the Law by Changing the Law
11/05/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
11/05/2003: Songs You Should Know 11/04/03
11/04/2003: Just Thinking 11/03/03
11/04/2003: Catholics in Iraq
11/04/2003: Last Notes on This Syrian Christian Battle
11/04/2003: The False Choice of Occupation Versus Elected Theocracy
11/03/2003: Who I Will Become to Them
11/02/2003: A Different View of Terri... as Personal Harbinger
11/01/2003: They Just Don't Get It
11/01/2003: Two Perspectives on the Passing On
11/01/2003: Breaking the Silence
11/01/2003: Another Dozen
10/31/2003: Fourteen for Halloween
10/31/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
10/30/2003: More on URI Anti-Semitism
10/30/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
10/30/2003: A Coincidence, or My Childhood Haunting Me?
10/30/2003: Education, Meet Derbyshire
10/30/2003: Why's Everybody So Worried About Iraq's Sovereignty?
10/30/2003: Frustrated, but with Substance
10/29/2003: Bloglessness and Fecklessness
10/29/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
10/29/2003: Songs You Should Know 10/28/03
10/28/2003: Where the Weapons Went
10/28/2003: Digging Out of Debt, the Second Batch
10/28/2003: That's One Hell of a Broad Brush
10/28/2003: Had Enough for Now
10/28/2003: Accepting Death Versus Willing It
10/27/2003: When the War Turned?
10/27/2003: Consider Your Reaction
10/26/2003: Still a Bumpy Road, Not a Freeway
10/26/2003: Get Me Out of Debt 31-cents at a Time
10/26/2003: Stumping for the Enemy
10/26/2003: Respect for the Honorable Dead
10/25/2003: Chong Speaks Out for Rush
10/25/2003: Dust in the Light, now 99% evil-free!
10/24/2003: Beyond Rhetoric in the Abortion Debate
10/24/2003: Proximity to a Re-education Camp
10/24/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
10/24/2003: Resolution of Conflicts with Research
10/23/2003: Imagery Beyond Language
10/23/2003: Speaking of Using Blogs for Promotion
10/23/2003: The Marketing Corner
10/23/2003: Not Fewer Leaks, but the Right Leaks
10/23/2003: What's Fair in Love and Taxes?
10/23/2003: Working for American Defeat and the Morale of the Enemy
10/23/2003: Two Quick Things
10/23/2003: Monsters and Murderers
10/23/2003: Stopping the Leak with More Water
10/23/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
10/23/2003: A Negative Presumption
10/22/2003: More on Smith's Suicide
10/22/2003: Literally Not Figurative
10/22/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
10/22/2003: Songs You Should Know 10/21/03
10/22/2003: Just Thinking 10/20/03
10/22/2003: Dammit, Elliott.
10/21/2003: Random Links That I Wanted, but Was Unable, to Mention Today
10/21/2003: Getting the News from Foreign Press
10/21/2003: Rejoicing and Attempting to Quell the Tangential Bitterness
10/21/2003: Resting the Case Against Andrew Sullivan and Gay Marriage
10/21/2003: Tech Department Celebration
10/20/2003: You'll Hear This Elsewhere...
10/20/2003: Setting the Tone for the Hunt
10/19/2003: You Gotta Give to Receive
10/19/2003: It's Bush or Nothing
10/19/2003: Major Media Catches Up with DitL After Only One Year
10/19/2003: When Tradition Won't Bend to Our Whims
10/18/2003: No Bias to See Here
10/17/2003: Isn't the Senate Supposed to Lead Us?
10/17/2003: Hints of Orwell (or Mass Delusion)
10/17/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
10/16/2003: Memo to Mr. Clinton
10/16/2003: Saving Bruce Willis's Life
10/16/2003: The Best Defense...
10/16/2003: Don't Film Our Honorable Protest!
10/16/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
10/16/2003: Is Shame a Better Motivator than Compassionate Appeals?
10/15/2003: Opening Our Your Eyes
10/15/2003: Off Debating Elsewhere
10/15/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
10/14/2003: Poverty by the Numbers
10/14/2003: Songs You Should Know 10/14/03
10/14/2003: Just Thinking 10/13/03
10/13/2003: Whatever Looks Bad for the President
10/13/2003: The Budding Withering Theocracy in Iraq
10/13/2003: Letters from a Parallel Universe
10/12/2003: The Familiar Bell Tolls
10/11/2003: Preventive Definitions of "Imminent"
10/11/2003: Getting God on the Tube
10/11/2003: On the Wrong Side of the Moral Issue
10/11/2003: Routing Out... the Neocons?
10/11/2003: A Lesson for Professors
10/11/2003: If Teachers Ran the World
10/10/2003: Back into the Shell
10/10/2003: The Devil's Advocate, on the Bench
10/10/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
10/09/2003: Whaddaya Know... Tradition Is Right
10/09/2003: Zork Your Brains Out
10/09/2003: Rest in Peace, Not in Vain
10/09/2003: The School-, Court-, and Press-Ruined Punchline
10/09/2003: From Whence? To Where?
10/09/2003: Studio Matters Notes & Commentary: Columbus Day
10/09/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
10/08/2003: The Press: A Giant That Can't Walk Straight
10/08/2003: They're Not Children, They're Racial Representatives
10/08/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
10/07/2003: Blinking Lesbians
10/07/2003: The Prince Serves the Pauper
10/07/2003: Songs You Should Know 10/07/03
10/07/2003: The Story We'll Never Know
10/06/2003: Apologies for Today
10/06/2003: Just Thinking 10/06/03
10/03/2003: Everything Is Not o' Kay
10/03/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
10/03/2003: When the Eye Swings Your Way
10/02/2003: Items of Interest at the Beginning of October
10/02/2003: Dean Exposes Democrat Irony
10/02/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
10/02/2003: Remembering Afghanistan... Accurately
10/01/2003: Do Liberals Put Their Pants on One Leg at a Time?
10/01/2003: Could This Be They? (WMDs, that is)
10/01/2003: It Must Be Petty Because It Makes Me Mad
10/01/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
10/01/2003: Songs You Should Know 09/30/03
09/30/2003: Just Thinking 09/29/03
09/30/2003: Dust in the Light Welcomes Rush Limbaugh
09/29/2003: A Novak Clarification and the Bush Administration's Dream
09/29/2003: Blame the Plame Game
09/28/2003: A Correction from One of the Blackballed
09/28/2003: A Third Way on the FMA
09/27/2003: Just So's You Know My State of Mind
09/27/2003: What Happens When Marriage Dies...
09/27/2003: Is the Media Tide Turning
09/27/2003: Bias Is the Story That They Try to Dig Up
09/26/2003: I Just Can't Pretend Liberalism
09/26/2003: By Way of Explanation
09/26/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
09/25/2003: Two War on Terrorism Must-Reads
09/25/2003: The Downside of Productivity
09/25/2003: Studio Matters Notes & Commentary: Making Art and Faking It
09/25/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
09/24/2003: One-Sided Zero Tolerance for Intelligence Failure
09/24/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
09/24/2003: Songs You Should Know 09/23/03
09/24/2003: Just Thinking 09/22/03
09/23/2003: Teddy and Patrick, Like Father Like Son... In Some Ways
09/23/2003: Today's Time Wasters
09/23/2003: The Unsurprising and the Bizarre
09/22/2003: A Lie or "Pre-emptive"? Make Up Your Minds.
09/22/2003: Southern Politicians These Days
09/22/2003: Swallow That Milk First
09/22/2003: The Irony Is Lost on Dems
09/22/2003: Ensuring That I'm Never Blogrolled by New England Bloggers
09/21/2003: Not Connecting on Israel/Palestine
09/21/2003: Interview with God
09/21/2003: While I'm on Education
09/21/2003: Speaking of Racialist Censorship
09/21/2003: It's All You Political Types Who're to Blame
09/21/2003: Good Signs in Iraq
09/21/2003: That Lie About Our Misleading President
09/20/2003: As the Left Sinks Toward the Fetal Position
09/19/2003: You Got Your Science in My Religion!
09/19/2003: Dhimmi Your Nation
09/19/2003: No Consequences... Except for un-PC Conservatism
09/19/2003: The Counter-Offensive
09/19/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
09/18/2003: Layer upon Layer of Lies
09/18/2003: Left, Liberal, and Liar All Start with the Letter "L"
09/18/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
09/17/2003: (Re)discovering the Wisdom of the Ages
09/17/2003: A Pattern of Deception
09/17/2003: More Corn Between Bloggers' Teeth
09/17/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
09/17/2003: Sometimes "I Misspoke" Is the Truth
09/16/2003: Good Enough for Me; Good Enough for You?
09/16/2003: Headline: Washington Post Misquotes Cheney
09/16/2003: Songs You Should Know 09/16/03
09/16/2003: Just Thinking 09/15/03
09/16/2003: Lying Liars About Other People's Lies
09/15/2003: The Waiting Legions
09/15/2003: Washington Post: "Black Is White, Up Is Down"
09/15/2003: Our Voice with the Hierarchy
09/15/2003: Inhibiting Good Being Done by the "Enemy"
09/15/2003: The Battle over Taxes
09/15/2003: Balancing Pictures Worth Thousands of Words
09/14/2003: The Conceit of the Secular
09/13/2003: The Ethics of "Professional Journalists"
09/12/2003: When Didn't They Hate Us?
09/12/2003: Are They Children When They Smile?
09/12/2003: The Military Remembers
09/12/2003: Follow the Feline
09/12/2003: Like an Angel Moving On from Redeemed Life
09/12/2003: Commenting on Other People's Blogs
09/12/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
09/11/2003: "What Hateful, Petty People These Atheists Are."
09/11/2003: September 11, 2003, Must Reads
09/11/2003: A Blindspot and a Swing
09/11/2003: To Leaven the Day
09/11/2003: The Personal Nature of the Fall
09/11/2003: September 11 Writings
09/11/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
09/10/2003: Call & Response to Impromptus
09/10/2003: So Mad I'm Shaking
09/10/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
09/09/2003: Pooling Resources Just Puts It All in One Place
09/09/2003: Songs You Should Know 09/09/03
09/09/2003: Quick to Condemn
09/09/2003: Every Paper a Hostile Tabloid
09/08/2003: Where Does One Start, at This Late Date?
09/08/2003: Reporting the Opposition Only When It's Been Defeated
09/08/2003: Just Thinking 09/08/03
09/07/2003: The End of Logical Means
09/06/2003: The False Promise of the Internet
09/06/2003: Avoiding the Avalanche
09/06/2003: Noting Courage When It Appears
09/06/2003: Balancing Poverty of Pocket and of Perspective
09/05/2003: Taking Activists at Their Word
09/05/2003: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's off to Jail You Go
09/05/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
09/04/2003: Coulter on "The War on [Blank]"
09/04/2003: The Contradiction Before Jonah's Eyes
09/04/2003: Readjusting to Reality
09/04/2003: Consequences Schmonsequences, as Long as We Get Benefits
09/04/2003: Couldn't Imprison Everybody in America?
09/04/2003: On Anti-Science and Authorship
09/04/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
09/03/2003: Massachusetts Is Just Down the Road...
09/03/2003: The Value of the Dependent
09/03/2003: The Bible in the Public School
09/03/2003: Why It's Now Okay to Write the Truth About Gays and Marriage
09/03/2003: Mr. Katz, the Neighborhood Booksmith
09/03/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
09/02/2003: Antichrist in the Machine
09/02/2003: The Culture of Semi-Nakedness
09/02/2003: Gay Tolerance Uber Alles
09/02/2003: Objectionable, but Not Surprising
09/02/2003: Race-Blind Racism
09/02/2003: Singing of Gay Hell
09/02/2003: Songs You Should Know 09/02/03
09/02/2003: All About Work
09/01/2003: Just Thinking 09/01/03
08/31/2003: Specialized Atheism
08/31/2003: Changing the Tune with Passion
08/30/2003: Forgiveness and Religion
08/30/2003: Empathy for the Selfish
08/30/2003: False Assertions Worthy of Response (?)
08/30/2003: And So Ends Friday
08/29/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
08/28/2003: What Laws and Rulings Mean
08/28/2003: Lowry Bangs the Gong
08/28/2003: Writing (and Thinking) for the Public 101
08/28/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
08/27/2003: Adams Forgot his Franklin
08/27/2003: Going to Hell over the Ten Commandments
08/27/2003: Songs You Should Know 08/26/03
08/27/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
08/27/2003: Just Thinking 08/25/03
08/26/2003: Funny Thing on the Way to the Courthouse
08/26/2003: Blogging on This Day
08/25/2003: A Note for Liberals and Libertarians
08/25/2003: The Big Lies of Liberalism
08/24/2003: Let the Conspiracy Theorizing Begin
08/22/2003: Why Doesn't Instapundit Link to These Scrappleface Offerings?
08/22/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
08/22/2003: Due Diligence
08/21/2003: It's Been an "Are You Kidding Me?" Day
08/21/2003: Deciding Which Step Should Be Our Last
08/21/2003: Can You Believe This Headline?
08/21/2003: How Is This Possible in This Day and Age?
08/21/2003: Insidiously Anti-American
08/21/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
08/20/2003: The Growth of the Artist
08/20/2003: How Predictable Can You Get?
08/20/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
08/19/2003: Songs You Should Know 08/19/03
08/19/2003: A Note on Sending Me Money (And Getting Stuff in Return)
08/18/2003: Just Thinking 08/18/03
08/18/2003: Bono: The Way Activism Should Be
08/18/2003: Americans Wanted in Europe
08/18/2003: Does Religion or Race Make the Difference for Abe?
08/18/2003: "Plan C" Has Its Own Organization!
08/18/2003: Marriage Isn't What They Really Want...
08/18/2003: Speaking of Rules and the Law
08/18/2003: Filter-Down Irresponsibility
08/16/2003: The Hoax of Our Times
08/15/2003: A Note on Homosexuality
08/15/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
08/15/2003: The Big Picture on Robinson
08/14/2003: Just Wanted to Let You Know
08/14/2003: Who Was the Monster, Dr. Frankenstein or His Creation?
08/14/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
08/13/2003: How Not to Express Concern and Defuse Bigotry
08/13/2003: Shea's Statement of Purpose Vis-a-Vis Homosexuality
08/13/2003: Taking on the 800-Pound Gay Man in the Room
08/13/2003: Whew! I've Reached Wednesday!
08/13/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
08/13/2003: Songs You Should Know 08/12/03
08/13/2003: Just Thinking 08/11/03
08/12/2003: It's MordAl, People, Not MordEl
08/11/2003: A Blogger Just Goes Too Far
08/11/2003: The Face of Manhood and the Face of the Episcopal Church
08/10/2003: Andrew Sullivan: The Blogosphere's Dowd
08/10/2003: Well, We'll Have to Squelch That Religious "Hate Speech" First
08/10/2003: The Hundred-and-Fifty-First Candidate
08/10/2003: Throwing in the Theological Towel
08/09/2003: Hey, I Almost Said Exactly the Same Thing
08/09/2003: Help: A Math Bleg
08/09/2003: Well That's How These Things Happen
08/08/2003: Are People Noticing, or Is It Just Me?
08/08/2003: Context for the Criticism
08/08/2003: The Power of Icon
08/08/2003: The End of a Long Week
08/08/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
08/07/2003: Will Oprah Save the Literary Canon?
08/07/2003: What If Bishop Robinson Is the Representative?
08/07/2003: As Faith Would Have It
08/07/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
08/07/2003: Belated Blogoversary
08/07/2003: But Scandals Go On and On
08/06/2003: P. Kennedy: Out of Church and Out of Office
08/06/2003: Studio Matters Notes & Commentary: Recent Orthodoxies
08/06/2003: What the Anglican Church Has Wrought
08/06/2003: Unmushing Marital Infidelity Numbers
08/06/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
08/06/2003: He Who Must Not Be Fisked
08/05/2003: More on the Super Secret Vatican Document
08/05/2003: [shock]
08/05/2003: Songs You Should Know 08/05/03
08/05/2003: Just Thinking 08/04/03
08/05/2003: Evil on the Mind
08/05/2003: The Secret Documents in the News
08/05/2003: Who's Ignoring the Humanitarian Issues?
08/04/2003: BEEP! Wrong answer. Impeach?
08/04/2003: Fetishizing America, Even the Bears Get Some
08/04/2003: Unfit to Speak, Let Alone Lead
08/04/2003: The Matrix Cometh
08/02/2003: Trading Stronger Divorce Laws for Gay Marriage?
08/02/2003: I Really Hate to Do This to You
08/01/2003: You Can Take the Professor Out of the University, but...
08/01/2003: Last Word for the Hero
08/01/2003: Your Money, Used to Make People Stupider
08/01/2003: Driving Out the Productive People
08/01/2003: Ways to See the Economic News
08/01/2003: And the People Are Coming Around, Too
08/01/2003: Weapons in Iraq... Still... Again
08/01/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
07/31/2003: Diversity Kills
07/31/2003: The Price of Being Right
07/31/2003: Reasonableness as a Fallback Position
07/31/2003: Getting Back Three Hours of Your Life
07/31/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
07/30/2003: Do Celebs Believe in God?
07/30/2003: No Essays, Just Slogans
07/30/2003: Not a Bright Morning Opener
07/30/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
07/29/2003: We'll See Whether We Can Believe It
07/29/2003: Songs You Should Know 07/29/03
07/29/2003: Another "Army of God"... Great!
07/29/2003: If I Start Singing Showtunes, You'll Know Why
07/29/2003: Delusion as It Always Has Been
07/28/2003: What Can Be Hidden
07/28/2003: Giving Everybody Candy
07/28/2003: Our Racist Nation
07/28/2003: Just Thinking 07/28/03
07/27/2003: Wow, Is It Sunday Night?
07/25/2003: Measuring... Something
07/25/2003: Actual Causal Link Between IVF and Views of Children
07/25/2003: Counting the Differences
07/25/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
07/24/2003: "But Lukewarm Water Doesn't Kill a Frog..."
07/24/2003: Boiling the Frog on the Road to Hell
07/24/2003: In Their Own World; Intellectual Conceit
07/24/2003: Even Its Reporters Don't Believe Reuters
07/24/2003: Prayer vs. Perversity
07/24/2003: Hunter on a Different Planet
07/24/2003: What's to Be Expected in the Culture War
07/24/2003: Celebrity Profiles
07/24/2003: Bush's Limb and the Boiling Frog
07/24/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
07/23/2003: A Story for Wonder and a Wonderful Joke
07/23/2003: An Honest Question About Psychology and Psychiatry
07/23/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
07/23/2003: Don't Buy the "Smear Campaign" Hype (Or Be so Sure About Who Is Smearing Whom)
07/22/2003: Well, This I CAN Believe
07/22/2003: Songs You Should Know 07/22/03
07/22/2003: A New Game: Identify the Bigot
07/22/2003: Oh Well, Drudge Pulled Back on Revealing the Administration's Wickedness
07/21/2003: Extemporanea for the Evening
07/21/2003: Tipped to the Dirt by Someone on the Internet
07/21/2003: The Media Hyperventilating Is Getting Ridiculous!
07/21/2003: Bring the Troops Home!
07/21/2003: Down by the Seashore
07/21/2003: The Forces Aligned Against The Passion
07/21/2003: My Fortune in Waiting
07/21/2003: Just Thinking 07/21/03
07/21/2003: Monday Morning Notice/Warning
07/19/2003: Badmouthing the Bosses
07/19/2003: Of Writhing Demagogues and Christian Hollywood
07/19/2003: The Kids on the Block
07/19/2003: She Who Is Certain About Professor/Student Sex
07/18/2003: "Married in California"
07/18/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
07/17/2003: Teenagers Think They're Smarter than Grownups
07/17/2003: Iraq: Perspective All over the Place
07/17/2003: An Invitation to Intimidation?
07/17/2003: Seeing Through the Smoke, or Are You Kidding Me, Professor?
07/17/2003: College Campus or Semiadult Day Care?
07/17/2003: Whither the ACLU?
07/17/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
07/16/2003: An Unobtrusive Reminder
07/16/2003: First Attempts: Good Ideas That Collapse Quickly
07/16/2003: Pure War Is Unjust
07/16/2003: Putting One and One-Half Together
07/16/2003: Helping and Hurting Marriage
07/16/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
07/15/2003: Further Consideration; Still Scratching My Head
07/15/2003: I CANNOT Believe It... Again!
07/15/2003: Ensuring a Channel Change
07/15/2003: Why I Still Like Cox & Forkum
07/15/2003: The Ramifications of Ridiculousness
07/15/2003: Something to Keep in Mind About North Korea
07/15/2003: Sullivan Seeks It Every Which Way
07/15/2003: Songs You Should Know 07/15/03
07/15/2003: Picking Sides
07/14/2003: Of Holes and Cannons
07/14/2003: "Not as a Clever Philosopher Would Design It"
07/14/2003: Warming Up for the Battle
07/14/2003: Reminded of al Qaeda
07/14/2003: Barney: Satan's Tool
07/14/2003: Just Thinking 07/14/03
07/13/2003: The Core of Soul
07/13/2003: What Is This Full Faith and Credit Thing
07/13/2003: Back in the Spoons
07/13/2003: How Easily We Control Ourselves
07/13/2003: And Back to Addressing Mood
07/13/2003: Basking in Agreement, III
07/13/2003: Basking in Agreement, II
07/13/2003: Basking in Agreement, I
07/12/2003: The Latest Debating on the Federal Marriage Amendment
07/12/2003: Waste of Numerical Significance
07/12/2003: Message from a Slithering Reptile
07/11/2003: I'm Honored... I Think
07/11/2003: My State of Mind
07/11/2003: Big News Is No News
07/11/2003: Fame Finds the Redwood Review
07/11/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
07/11/2003: What the FMA Will and Won't Do
07/10/2003: The Desensitized
07/10/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
07/09/2003: Who's Your Candidate?
07/09/2003: On the Iran Front
07/09/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
07/09/2003: Well, Here Comes the Wave, Carrying Lying Sharks
07/08/2003: I CANNOT Believe It!
07/08/2003: Songs You Should Know 07/07/03
07/08/2003: Lileks on Savage
07/08/2003: A Balanced Impression on Shea
07/08/2003: I Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry
07/08/2003: Recycling the Damning Evidence
07/07/2003: Sullivan Just Gets Worse and Worse
07/07/2003: Too, Too Savage
07/07/2003: "A Brilliant Strategy in Its Simplicity and Effectiveness"?
07/07/2003: Ain't It the Truth
07/07/2003: Religious Bias? Naw...
07/07/2003: Sanitation Implies Dirt
07/07/2003: A Newbie Learns from an Old Pro
07/06/2003: Just Thinking 07/07/03
07/06/2003: Cute, but Disconcerting
07/06/2003: So Much Strategy That We Don't See
07/06/2003: Making Childhood Someplace That Children Don't Want to Stay
07/05/2003: "Where Are They" Perspective
07/04/2003: Victor Lams, Comedy Genius
07/04/2003: Independence Day Smirking Chuckles
07/04/2003: Happy Independence Day!
07/04/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
07/03/2003: They Don't Offer "Biased" Reporting... They Just Don't "Report" What Doesn't Fit the Bias
07/03/2003: And the Stories Go Around
07/03/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
07/03/2003: Time to Make It a Crime
07/03/2003: Battling the Telemarketers
07/03/2003: "These Findings Had Been Largely Ignored"
07/03/2003: The 2003 Redwood Review Is Up!
07/03/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
07/02/2003: Rummy & Me
07/02/2003: A Note on Today
07/01/2003: Goldberg's Behind on Gay Marriage
07/01/2003: Teachers in Rhode Island
07/01/2003: Studio Matters Notes & Commentary: Artist Zen and Other Stuff
07/01/2003: What a Way to Start the Day... the Month
07/01/2003: Songs You Should Know 07/01/03
06/30/2003: Must Read from Mark Steyn
06/30/2003: Just Thinking 06/30/03
06/30/2003: Andrew Sullivan: Dangerous Demagogue
06/29/2003: You're Worth the Wait
06/28/2003: Ethnic Cleansing at Oxford
06/28/2003: That's Our Pat!
06/27/2003: One-Stop Snowballing in the Business World (Sorry... Shop Talk)
06/27/2003: Hopefulness and Ignorance
06/27/2003: Ladies and Gentlemen: My Representative and Fellow Townsman
06/27/2003: Good and Bad In Punnuru
06/27/2003: The Vision That the Supreme Court Killed: Compromise
06/27/2003: The "Unbiased" Media on Strom Thurmond
06/27/2003: Why I Disappeared
06/27/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
06/26/2003: Temperance Before I Go
06/26/2003: No White Flag
06/26/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
06/25/2003: On a Lighter Note
06/25/2003: "You Drink, We Drive"
06/25/2003: The Value of Analogy
06/25/2003: The Blessing That Never Should Have Been
06/25/2003: Fishing for Dollars
06/25/2003: My State Is So Screwed Up
06/25/2003: Warning!!!
06/25/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
06/24/2003: Lack of Blogginess
06/24/2003: Songs You Should Know 06/24/03
06/24/2003: Let's Do, Ourselves, What the Supreme Court Refused to Do
06/24/2003: Just Thinking 06/23/03
06/23/2003: The Academic Fantasy World
06/21/2003: Why the Threat?
06/20/2003: Wrapping Up the Week in Gay Marriage
06/20/2003: The Biology of Marriage in Cultural Context
06/20/2003: Girls, Girls, Girls
06/20/2003: Killing of Convenience Now, Killing of Convenience Later
06/20/2003: Oh, Just Some Kids at Nude Camp
06/20/2003: The Drug Detour of Addressing AIDS Isn't Going to Last
06/20/2003: Glenn Reynolds on Gay Marriage
06/20/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
06/19/2003: Why We Don't Do It in the Road
06/19/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
06/18/2003: Andrew Sullivan Doesn't Like Dealing with Reality
06/18/2003: What They Don't Want Us To Know
06/18/2003: The Canadian Cultural Battle Over? Hardly.
06/18/2003: Hatch's Unacceptable Plan
06/18/2003: Cause and Effect Don't Matter When the Result Is Good
06/18/2003: The Declavenizer
06/18/2003: You Never Know, Do You?
06/18/2003: Trying to Be Helpful for NRO Readers
06/18/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
06/18/2003: Particularly Disappointed in the Minutia
06/17/2003: Something for Nothing (Sort Of)
06/17/2003: Songs You Should Know 06/17/03
06/17/2003: What the Laypeople Don't Know
06/17/2003: West Coast Relations
06/17/2003: Stanley Kurtz Checks In
06/17/2003: Wanna Go to Mars
06/16/2003: Just Thinking 06/16/03
06/16/2003: Another Perspective on Gay Marriage
06/16/2003: They Get Wrong What I Know About
06/16/2003: Experiments in Viral Marketing
06/16/2003: I'm Only Dancing
06/16/2003: Teachers' Dirty Little Secret
06/16/2003: From Convert to Proselytizer
06/15/2003: More in Response to Stuttaford on Gay Marriage
06/14/2003: Conservative Brits on Gay Marriage
06/14/2003: X May Not Have Been Much Different than Y, but Surely Y Is Different from Z
06/13/2003: Let's Rearrange Society Based on Balanced Information
06/13/2003: Who's Leaving Out Important Information
06/13/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
06/12/2003: The Latest Next Big Thing from Victor Lams
06/12/2003: Where the Equation Is Off
06/12/2003: Lileks on His Game
06/12/2003: Picture Bill Clinton About to Hit Dick Morris
06/12/2003: NRO Is Too Circumspect
06/12/2003: Why I Envy Lane Core
06/12/2003: One Questionable Source Does Not a Lie Make
06/12/2003: Special Thanks to Right Wing News
06/12/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
06/11/2003: A Handful of Cartoons
06/11/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
06/11/2003: Speaking Truth to Girlpower
06/11/2003: Things They Think Will Make You Spend Your Money
06/11/2003: From Whence the Morality?
06/11/2003: Making the Pieces Fit
06/11/2003: Songs You Should Know 06/10/03
06/11/2003: Just Thinking 06/09/03
06/10/2003: What's the Fuel?
06/09/2003: A Note on This Week's Just Thinking Column
06/09/2003: Beware the Deceptively Fair
06/09/2003: Communism's Last Victims... Hopefully
06/09/2003: "Dissent" Makes Another Appearance
06/08/2003: The Where-Are-They Counter Offensive
06/07/2003: About the Weekend
06/06/2003: A Lesson in "Creating" News
06/06/2003: Watch Out for BugBear.B
06/06/2003: Day by Day Today
06/06/2003: The Late Twentieth Century in a Nutshell
06/06/2003: Freedom as a Means
06/06/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
06/05/2003: The Right's Razor
06/05/2003: Lesser of Two Evils
06/05/2003: Thursday Blogging
06/05/2003: "I've Never Seen Art Naked"
06/05/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
06/04/2003: Answers to Nagging Questions
06/04/2003: Truths: Bush Lied, No CMDs
06/04/2003: Don't Need Cause to See the Connection
06/04/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
06/03/2003: Songs You Should Know 06/03/03
06/03/2003: Animation and Games
06/03/2003: Why the Lack of Faith?
06/03/2003: It Just Makes Sense
06/03/2003: Finding Missiles
06/03/2003: No Balls in the Street
06/03/2003: Just Thinking 06/02/03
06/02/2003: Get Those Prices Down on the Super Cool Items!
06/02/2003: Well, It Looks Like I Was Wrong... at Times
06/02/2003: So Where Are They?
06/01/2003: Sorry... It Really Is a Must Read
06/01/2003: Dealing with the Lag Time
06/01/2003: Too Close for Comfort
05/30/2003: Conservatives Thinking About Their Hostile Environment
05/30/2003: Justness in Iraq (Still)
05/30/2003: This Can't Be Healthy
05/30/2003: I Don't Agree with This
05/30/2003: The Celebs Don't Get It
05/30/2003: Something Else That's Getting Boring
05/30/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
05/29/2003: Incidentally, Regarding Iraq
05/29/2003: Well, I've gone and done it again.
05/29/2003: Well, at Least the Weatherpeople Were Wrong About Rain
05/29/2003: A Speck of Red in a Blue State
05/29/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
05/28/2003: Capturing Campus Life with Humor
05/28/2003: The Internet in Iraq
05/28/2003: The Danger of Artistry in Reporting
05/28/2003: Here's One Way to Increase Tourism...
05/28/2003: How to Compete
05/28/2003: I Always Wondered Where My Mandibula Was
05/28/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
05/27/2003: Is the World on Vacation?
05/27/2003: Songs You Should Know 05/27/03
05/26/2003: There Must Be a Word for This
05/26/2003: Just Thinking 05/26/03
05/26/2003: Time Flies By
05/25/2003: Go On 'n' Get a Smile
05/24/2003: The Left Congeals with Terrorism
05/23/2003: Ideology Creep
05/23/2003: A Little Attention for the Redwood Review
05/23/2003: Salam Pax's Career on the Upswing
05/23/2003: Silencing the Opposition
05/23/2003: This Is Peculiar
05/23/2003: Reason to Relax About Genetic Engineering
05/23/2003: Always on the Lookout for Money and Power
05/23/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
05/22/2003: A Study in News Bias
05/22/2003: Would Somebody Take Away This Guy's Shovel?
05/22/2003: St. Anselm, Millman, and Derbyshire
05/22/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
05/21/2003: Edifying Religious History Posts
05/21/2003: Monk Saves the Day
05/21/2003: Covering Up the Diversity Scam
05/21/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
05/20/2003: Simply Amazing in the Middle East
05/20/2003: Booing the Bums Off the Stage
05/20/2003: An Easy Dream to Interpret
05/20/2003: The State of the Timshel
05/20/2003: Songs You Should Know 05/20/03
05/19/2003: Filing the Internecine Debates of the Other Side
05/19/2003: Where Are the Weapons? Well, Duh.
05/19/2003: Stopping the Tide of Guns
05/19/2003: Monday Apologies
05/19/2003: Just Thinking 05/19/03
05/18/2003: Famous People Born on May 18
05/17/2003: We Are the Cusp
05/16/2003: Speaking of Drugging Ourselves into Accepting Our Lives
05/16/2003: Dangerous Points of View: It's Natural
05/16/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
05/15/2003: Objectivism: My Opinion Is Objective Truth
05/15/2003: Salam Pax: A Mystery for Our Times
05/15/2003: So Much for That Theory
05/15/2003: Gonna Hurt Me More than It Will Her
05/15/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
05/14/2003: Leaving National Security Up to "Vigilantes"
05/14/2003: Swinging at Beams from an Orb While Blindfolded
05/14/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
05/13/2003: If You Can Stand to Read It
05/13/2003: More Ways than One to Remove a Regime
05/13/2003: Speaking of Evil
05/13/2003: Only Blindness? What Boring Lasers!
05/13/2003: Songs You Should Know 05/13/03
05/12/2003: Just Thinking 05/12/03
05/12/2003: A Punchline for the Records
05/11/2003: The Cliffhanger Ending Is Suspended
05/11/2003: Hard and Soft America
05/11/2003: No Back and Forth, Only the Slow Slide to Disbelief
05/10/2003: Bothering to Beg
05/10/2003: The Coolness of David Wilcox
05/09/2003: What's So Great About Freedom?
05/09/2003: The First Drops of the Storm?
05/09/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
05/08/2003: Studio Matters Notes & Commentary: Making Pictures
05/08/2003: The Wit on the Right
05/08/2003: Constructing Inconsistency
05/08/2003: How Is Bill Bennett Like an Iraqi Museum?
05/08/2003: 400,000 Children Awaiting a Chance for Life
05/08/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
05/07/2003: I'm Still Not Convinced... Less So, Even
05/07/2003: The Message Is Out There: Watch Out Social Conservatives!
05/07/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
05/06/2003: And there you go...
05/06/2003: The Problem with Quick Conclusions
05/06/2003: Dropping Your Buddy from the Cliff
05/06/2003: Not Just the Boys: They're After the Fathers, Too
05/06/2003: Gambling as a Hidden Tax on the Poor
05/06/2003: A Worldview Is Born
05/06/2003: On Catching Up
05/06/2003: Songs You Should Know 05/06/03
05/06/2003: Just Thinking 05/05/03
05/05/2003: Something in the Air
05/04/2003: Sunday Correspondence
05/03/2003: And History Falls Away
05/03/2003: Dust in the Light Is Good for Your Health
05/02/2003: Good News for America
05/02/2003: Remember This Bit of Unreporting
05/02/2003: This May Be the Coolest Online Time-Waster That I've Seen Lately
05/02/2003: On Their Own Time
05/02/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
05/01/2003: The Power (and Accuracy) of Drudge
05/01/2003: On Leadership and Facing Evil
05/01/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
05/01/2003: What's Wrong with Adult Incest?
04/30/2003: The Love in My Home State
04/30/2003: Hey, at Least It Ain't Hell!
04/30/2003: Oops! Wrong Cable News Network!
04/30/2003: The Western Regime Change Cards
04/30/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
04/29/2003: Name That State's Political Color
04/29/2003: In a Polarized Nation
04/29/2003: Battling Tradition
04/28/2003: Songs You Should Know 04/29/03
04/28/2003: In Between the Right-Wing Extremist Rants
04/28/2003: Heeding the Audience
04/28/2003: Sweet Ol' Grandma Publishes Her First Book, Among Other Adventures
04/28/2003: The New Way of Waging War?
04/28/2003: Just Thinking 04/28/03
04/27/2003: Business as Usual?
04/25/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
04/25/2003: One More Thing on Sullivan and Santorum (Tolerance)
04/25/2003: Failing the Logic Test on Taxes
04/25/2003: Spinning the Horror
04/25/2003: The MafRIAA Seeks to Bully into the Territory of Another Family
04/24/2003: Blogging These Days
04/24/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
04/23/2003: This Looks Likely to Be Huge
04/23/2003: Links for Your Five-Minute "Nifty Break"
04/23/2003: Uncovering Directives from the Bottom Up
04/23/2003: When the Numbers People Can't Put One and One Together
04/23/2003: Santorum's Saving Grace
04/23/2003: A Note on New Redwood Review Pieces
04/23/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
04/22/2003: Bring on the Blood and Gore
04/22/2003: Evolutionism Versus Creationism: What's the Big Deal?
04/22/2003: What Fifth Column
04/22/2003: Sorry I Said What I Really Thought
04/22/2003: A Trent Lott of Their Own
04/22/2003: Songs You Should Know 04/22/03
04/22/2003: Just Thinking 04/21/03
04/22/2003: Quote for a Day
04/21/2003: More at Mark's
04/21/2003: An Astonishing Admission of the Obvious
04/21/2003: The World's Problem: Intellectuals?
04/21/2003: Ditched in the Final Moments
04/21/2003: Of Charity, WMDs, and Precedence
04/20/2003: Where I've Been All Day
04/20/2003: One Way to Reach Conclusions...
04/20/2003: Happy Easter!
04/19/2003: Hey, Guess What!
04/19/2003: The Old Fashioned Way & Forms a-Workin'
04/19/2003: I'm Being Censored, Too, Tim
04/19/2003: A You-Gotta-Be-Kidding-Me Moment
04/19/2003: The Real Bullies of My Gender
04/18/2003: Culture of Death Preview
04/18/2003: Experiencing the Policies We Force on Others
04/18/2003: A Poem for the Season(s)
04/18/2003: Books You Should Own ('Cause They're Mine)
04/18/2003: I Guess We're All Feeling Cut Off, Glenn
04/18/2003: Request for Feedback
04/18/2003: Speaking of Church/State Confusion
04/18/2003: Working Better than Expected (At What Point Will the Naysayers Begin to Feel Stupid?)
04/18/2003: What Need Has the World for Me When There's a Lileks About?
04/18/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
04/18/2003: This Simply Isn't Acceptible
04/17/2003: More Conventional Liberal Wisdom Shown False
04/17/2003: What to Do About Syria
04/17/2003: Today in Dust in the Light
04/17/2003: The Worst Outcome in the Middle East... for the Tyrants
04/17/2003: Moving On, Not Gloating
04/17/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
04/16/2003: Books Burning in Baghdad
04/16/2003: Why Is Such Garbage Still Being Published?
04/16/2003: This Is What I Mean About Hierarchical Opinions
04/16/2003: Wednesday Reminder
04/16/2003: No DNA Database
04/16/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
04/15/2003: Freedom of Reply
04/15/2003: Objectivity Is so Passe
04/15/2003: Not Good Times for the Established Media
04/14/2003: Songs You Should Know 04/15/03
04/14/2003: Hundreds of Starving Intellectuals Want Prof. Mogadishu's Job
04/14/2003: A New Bookmark
04/14/2003: The POWs' Story
04/14/2003: Campaigning Through Education
04/14/2003: Just a Reminder
04/14/2003: The U.S. Blocking for the Vatican?
04/14/2003: The MafRIAA Contracts Another Hit
04/14/2003: Just Thinking 04/14/03
04/12/2003: [Picture My Jaw Dropped]
04/11/2003: That Other World: The College Campus
04/11/2003: Is the Vatican for Global Socialism?
04/11/2003: Let's Nip This Photo in the Bud
04/11/2003: Bright Future for Revolution Update
04/11/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
04/11/2003: What Are the Despots Thinking and Feeling Now
04/11/2003: The Washing of the Moral Hands
04/11/2003: Surprising Support for a Military Budget Increase
04/11/2003: Enforced Silence Still Has a Place in the World
04/11/2003: Now That Americans Are Free to Speak About Iraq
04/10/2003: BONUS: Get Something Extra for One Week Only
04/10/2003: The Most Asinine Post-Liberation Comment, Thus Far
04/10/2003: The War, for Future Reference
04/10/2003: Escape from Rhode Island
04/10/2003: Chafee, Thy Days Art Numbered
04/10/2003: Everybody's in Good Spirits and Good Form
04/10/2003: Speaking About Typing Without Thought
04/10/2003: The Same Old Lefty Equivalence
04/10/2003: Equivalence, Conservative Style
04/10/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
04/09/2003: One of Those Instances of Bad Timing
04/09/2003: A Matter of Values: When Questioning an American Is Equivalent to Torturing a Sudanese
04/09/2003: A Chuckle in the Corner
04/09/2003: Dalrymple Writes About Tony Blair...
04/09/2003: When Scales Fall from Eyes
04/09/2003: Good Intentions; Road to Hell
04/09/2003: I Just Had a Thought
04/09/2003: I think I'm going to call some local colleges and see if they'll let me teach a course called "Why Your Professors and the People They Admire Were So Wrong About the War in Iraq."
04/09/2003: Campus Activists and Pro-War Bigots: Lo in the Eye of the Storm
04/09/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
04/08/2003: Being Clear About Clarity
04/08/2003: Give 'em What They Want
04/08/2003: How Neat Is This?
04/08/2003: Almost as Black-and-White as a Fairytale
04/08/2003: Songs You Should Know 04/08/03
04/08/2003: One for the History Books
04/08/2003: Embryos Push Morality to the Edge
04/08/2003: Reality That a Fiction Writer Couldn't Get Away With
04/07/2003: Just Thinking 04/07/03
04/07/2003: As Mark Shea Might Say: If Only They'd Let Teachers Get Married
04/07/2003: Behold: The Leaders of the Future!
04/07/2003: Intelligence at Brown University
04/07/2003: Faucets of Gold
04/07/2003: Dead Man Walking... or Taking a Cab
04/07/2003: Start the Day with a Smile
04/06/2003: Silent on a Sunday
04/05/2003: General Mea Culpa
04/05/2003: Saddam Hussein: "Not a Nice Man"
04/04/2003: The Saudis' Man in the Army
04/04/2003: Somebody Give This Man a Job
04/04/2003: Let's Take This Clean Air Polemic Act Apart
04/04/2003: Robin Williams Take Note
04/04/2003: Hooray for Sanjay Grupta!
04/04/2003: Government and Religion Working Together Against AIDS Discrimination
04/04/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
04/03/2003: What Is the Coalition of the Willing Doing for Lent? More Pictures on a Hopeful Theme
04/03/2003: Just When It Seemed Thought Was Hard to Find
04/03/2003: Another Approach to De Genova
04/03/2003: The Guy on Stage Ranting About Censorship!
04/03/2003: What Blogosphere Are These People On? (What Liberal Media?)
04/03/2003: The Scoop on Drudge
04/03/2003: Shorts from the Mighty Jay
04/03/2003: The Good in Contrast with the Evil
04/03/2003: The New York Times Crosses the Line
04/03/2003: What Would You Do If...
04/03/2003: Pass This On: Our Troops Are the Best in Our Society
04/03/2003: Begging for a Higher Perspective
04/03/2003: Locking Protesters in Their Preferred State
04/03/2003: Senator Kerry: Off the Deep End
04/03/2003: The United States Can Never Get It Right
04/03/2003: Not Silencing Froma Harrop
04/03/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
04/03/2003: Democracy in the Theater
04/03/2003: Throwing Everything Behind Affirmative Action
04/03/2003: If I Had Scholarship Funds to Give
04/02/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
04/02/2003: A Note on the Day
04/02/2003: Just Thinking 03/31/03
04/01/2003: The Public Turns Its Eye to Its Nerdy Children
04/01/2003: Googling in Anger
04/01/2003: A New Dimension to My Silence
04/01/2003: Songs You Should Know 04/01/03
04/01/2003: When Did Robin Williams Become a Babbling Idiot?
04/01/2003: Said and Said Again
03/31/2003: A Useful Graphic Re: Military Shipments to Saddam
03/31/2003: Why the Van Didn't Stop
03/31/2003: Monday Evening
03/31/2003: Turn to Us for All Your War-Related Questions
03/31/2003: The Word Not Gotten Out
03/31/2003: Memo to Vatican: More Like This, Please
03/31/2003: The Diocesan Paper and War: Well, Well, Well
03/30/2003: Beating the Clock
03/29/2003: Another Silent Saturday
03/28/2003: All Issues Come Together
03/28/2003: Finally, Something I've Wanted to Hear
03/28/2003: Such Are the Times in Which We Live
03/28/2003: Absolutely Despicable
03/28/2003: Spinning the Blog
03/28/2003: For the Watch What the Teachers Teach File
03/28/2003: What's in the News
03/28/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
03/27/2003: Taking a Moment to Think About Life
03/27/2003: Thinking and Whispering into the Better Days Ahead
03/27/2003: The Axis Uncovered! Master/Mistress of Disguise.
03/27/2003: A Couple Artistically Concerned Tidbits
03/27/2003: Well, That's Another Way to Respond
03/27/2003: So What's There to Say, Anyway?
03/27/2003: Some "Journalists" Need to Grow Up
03/27/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
03/26/2003: The Newsroom Versus the Field
03/26/2003: A Little Levity Can Do Much Good with Such Things as War
03/26/2003: Speaking from the Pews
03/26/2003: I Knew It When "Saddam" Singled Out Ari Fleischer for Condemnation
03/26/2003: Summing Up the Anti-War Activists
03/26/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
03/25/2003: Nader's Mental Stability
03/25/2003: Credibility Eschewed
03/25/2003: The Spam Is Getting Out of Control!
03/25/2003: Responding to Honesty
03/25/2003: No United Nations in Post-War Iraqi Government
03/25/2003: Quite a Coalition We've Got!
03/25/2003: On the Homefront: Taxes
03/25/2003: A Lay Sermon Before the Battle
03/25/2003: Wanna Lot of Hits?
03/25/2003: Songs You Should Know 03/25/03
03/24/2003: The War, Hollywood, the BBC, and Lileks Coin a Word
03/24/2003: The Loonies Come Out... and Get Quoted in the Paper!
03/24/2003: A Disservice to Service
03/24/2003: That Ol' Reuters Spin
03/24/2003: The Wires Discover Salam Pax
03/24/2003: Posts Gallore
03/24/2003: Just Thinking 03/24/03
03/23/2003: The Anti-War Kiddies
03/23/2003: Retraction, Apology, Honesty
03/23/2003: The Traitor's Name...
03/23/2003: When an Activistic Plot Goes Bad
03/23/2003: The Information's Everywhere
03/23/2003: Horrific, Just Horrific
03/23/2003: Throw Away the Newspapers
03/22/2003: Usher in the Spring with Some Thinking and Whispering
03/22/2003: Shocked Back to Reality
03/22/2003: Coming Out of the Grave
03/22/2003: Larry Long Update
03/21/2003: Up 'n' Runnin'
03/19/2003: Technical Announcement
03/19/2003: Here We Go
03/19/2003: More Good News for Drinkers
03/19/2003: Red Flags Call for Red Pens to Avoid Readers' Seeing Red
03/18/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
03/18/2003: Deferred Judgment
03/18/2003: Parents of the Stars
03/18/2003: Songs You Should Know 03/18/03
03/17/2003: Posting, Posted, Post-Its
03/17/2003: One Day, Aggravation; the Next Day, Response
03/17/2003: A Terrorist Playground Seen from Space
03/17/2003: Privatized Nation Building
03/16/2003: Just Thinking 03/17/03
03/16/2003: I can see clearly now...
03/15/2003: Imprudent Prudence
03/15/2003: More on the Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping
03/15/2003: Check Yourself: Why Are You Not Offended?
03/14/2003: At Last: Making Some Sense of It All
03/14/2003: Studio Matters Notes & Commentary
03/14/2003: More to Cloning Advocacy than Meets the Eye?
03/14/2003: Well, There You Go
03/14/2003: No More "Last Bits"!
03/14/2003: Free Advertising for Anti-War Rally in Providence Journal
03/14/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
03/13/2003: A Little Bit Country and a Little Bit Pop
03/13/2003: Tech/Admin Stuff
03/13/2003: Speaking of Not Joking About the International Criminal Court
03/13/2003: Always Room for Farce
03/13/2003: Dark Days for Environmentalists
03/13/2003: You Can't Take It With You
03/13/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
03/12/2003: Wow! The Good News Item of the Day!
03/12/2003: Standby Integrity
03/12/2003: No, No, the Cart Isn't Rolling
03/12/2003: The Ramblings of "Insincere Religious"?
03/12/2003: China Invokes Veto of Rolling Stones Songs
03/12/2003: Dude, You Can Go to Hell
03/12/2003: Show Appreciation, Bestow Encouragement, and Obtain an Autographed Book (or two)!
03/12/2003: The Psychosis of the Anti-War Activists
03/12/2003: More Than Pigment on Canvas
03/12/2003: An Odd Little Story
03/12/2003: A Technical Note
03/12/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
03/11/2003: Whose Advice Would You Take?
03/11/2003: About Sums It Up
03/11/2003: Songs You Should Know 03/11/03
03/10/2003: Snatching Peace from the Jaws of War
03/10/2003: Mark Shea on the Popcak/Dreher Thing
03/10/2003: A Star for the Rest of Us
03/10/2003: Speaking of Forcing Change Too Quickly
03/10/2003: Gay Marriage in Massachusetts
03/10/2003: The Somalian Slaves Who Know Nothing of Racism and Poverty
03/09/2003: Just Thinking About My Column
03/09/2003: When the Evidence Supports Both Conclusions
03/09/2003: Could Saddam's Troops Forfeit the Game?
03/09/2003: What the President Must Know
03/09/2003: Well, Here It Goes: an Internecine Catholic Battle During Lent
03/08/2003: Still Alive
03/07/2003: I've Got to Stop Reading HMS Blog
03/07/2003: Popcak Responds to Dreher
03/07/2003: Standing in Place in the Name of Progress
03/07/2003: Swallow That Milk Before Reading This
03/07/2003: Sheesh! Historic Sheesh!
03/07/2003: See What I Mean About the Same Ol' Nonsense Sounding Less Believable Now?
03/07/2003: Responses to Reporters, Gas
03/07/2003: Tend to your flock, gentlemen, rather than seeking to foil the capture of wolves, large and small.
03/07/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
03/06/2003: The Columnist Has No Glasses
03/06/2003: Political Role Playing
03/06/2003: How Low Can Saddam Go?
03/06/2003: Horrible and Easy to Make Worse
03/06/2003: Savage Gives Them What They Want
03/06/2003: Responses and Motivation
03/06/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
03/05/2003: Responding to Junk Mail
03/05/2003: That Which We Cease to See
03/05/2003: Show Appreciation, Bestow Encouragement, and Obtain an Autographed Book (or two)!
03/05/2003: We Won't Be Using the Turkish Door
03/05/2003: Encouraging News About Actors Losing Face
03/05/2003: The Benefits of Rejection
03/05/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
03/04/2003: Being a "Peaceable Parent"
03/04/2003: Living in a Movie
03/04/2003: Songs You Should Know 03/04/03
03/04/2003: The Nerve Touched and Not Released
03/03/2003: Wow! I'm the Providence Journal "Band of the Day"!
03/03/2003: This Is Not Activism; It's Terrorism!
03/03/2003: Treating Garofalo as an Adult
03/03/2003: Just an Example
03/02/2003: Just Thinking 03/03/03
03/02/2003: Instapundit Replies Regarding Vatican Anti-Semitism
03/02/2003: The Inevitable Rise of the Sci-Fi Sun Cometh
03/02/2003: The Continuing Story of Bungalow Ken
03/02/2003: Anti-American Misinformation
03/01/2003: More on Patriot Act II
03/01/2003: Some Good News on the AIDS Front
03/01/2003: A Reflective Day in the Neighborhood
02/28/2003: The Big Snow Phallus Controversy
02/28/2003: Too Much Reality
02/28/2003: Annoyingly Incorrect Pop Song Lyrics File
02/28/2003: Lileks on the War
02/28/2003: This Year's Redwood Review
02/28/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
02/28/2003: Disemboweling an Argument
02/28/2003: Iraqi Military Preparations
02/27/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
02/27/2003: Hey, I Like Being a Computer Teacher
02/27/2003: Those Evil Soldiers Are Somebody's Parent and Child
02/27/2003: Mister Rogers, RIP
02/27/2003: Questions to Questions
02/26/2003: Some Hard Workers Have All the Luck
02/26/2003: Just Thinking: Volume I
02/26/2003: Erased from the History of Vlogging
02/26/2003: Scratching Arizona State University and Indiana University Off My List
02/26/2003: Hey, It's a Private Business: No French Bread
02/26/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
02/25/2003: Things Having to Do with the Fire
02/25/2003: Outrage of the Day Week Month Year
02/25/2003: For the "And They Wanna Start Cloning?" Department
02/25/2003: Want More Proof That the Music Industry Is Playing You?
02/25/2003: Creative Punishment
02/25/2003: Songs You Should Know 02/25/03
02/24/2003: No, No Risk at All; Only Choice
02/24/2003: Perception and Practicality in Iraqi Reconstruction
02/24/2003: Save Our Nation!
02/23/2003: Just Thinking 02/24/03
02/23/2003: Do-Gooders Do Evil in Africa
02/23/2003: Go Ahead and Mock
02/23/2003: Campaign Finance: No Republican Missteps, Here
02/23/2003: The Names of Those Lost to Fire
02/22/2003: That No Professor Should Fear Ridicule
02/22/2003: An Argument for Temporary U.S. Military Rule of Iraq
02/22/2003: Junk (Food) Science
02/22/2003: What Newton Believed
02/22/2003: How's Your State for Gas?
02/21/2003: Just Thinking: Volume I
02/21/2003: Notes on Blogging and Vlogging
02/21/2003: Now 96 Dead; Reporter Caught the Whole Thing on Tape
02/21/2003: This Time in Rhode Island
02/21/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
02/21/2003: Will They Never Learn?
02/21/2003: Another Front
02/21/2003: U.S. Post-War Plans Seem Reasonable to Me
02/20/2003: Hey, Read the Book or Wait for the DVD
02/20/2003: Giving Up on Doctors
02/20/2003: First Do No Harm
02/19/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
02/19/2003: Offensive for the Wrong Reasons?
02/19/2003: The Right to Be Not-so-Subtly Racist
02/19/2003: Can the Students Sue?
02/19/2003: You Have to Chew the Crow to Eat It
02/19/2003: Just War, the Vatican, and Me
02/19/2003: Campaign-Finance Posturing Payback
02/19/2003: Using the Weapons That He Doesn't Have
02/19/2003: I Always Liked James Earl Jones
02/19/2003: The Hopeless Interviews
02/19/2003: "Those who have responsibility for the common good"?
02/19/2003: Being Chased by Aliens
02/19/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
02/18/2003: The Virgin's Tears
02/18/2003: A Reason for the Pope's Position
02/18/2003: The IraQaeda Connection
02/18/2003: Better Off Not Knowing How We Know
02/18/2003: Shoveling Snow
02/18/2003: Songs You Should Know 02/18/03
02/18/2003: Just Thinking 02/17/03
02/17/2003: "The ref was like Conan the Barbarian."
02/17/2003: With All Due Respect
02/17/2003: Estranged Fathers to Sue Psychiatric Industry
02/17/2003: I Know It's the Way It Goes, but It Sucks
02/16/2003: Iraqi Survivors Comment on the Pro-Saddam Protestors
02/16/2003: Alone Again, Politically
02/16/2003: Good Thing We Grow Out of Indulging What Ifs
02/16/2003: For the Byrds
02/16/2003: The State of Iraq
02/16/2003: I'm Still Here
02/14/2003: The Problem with Magic
02/14/2003: Plain Good Writing
02/14/2003: The Liberal Side of the Blogosphere
02/14/2003: Isn't This Interesting; Washington Post & AP Pro-Saddam?
02/14/2003: Instapundit: Government Plant
02/13/2003: Now Available: Just Thinking: Volume I
02/13/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
02/13/2003: What Are They Thinking? (Or What Are We?)
02/13/2003: More Miraculous than God Becoming Man
02/13/2003: Libertarian Efficiency: "Don't You Kids Dare Impose Your Ideologies on Each Other While You're Playing Next to That Cliff!"
02/13/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
02/12/2003: Awaiting Our First Strike, Perhaps
02/12/2003: Paying for Self-Inflicted Bad Publicity?
02/12/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
02/12/2003: Verses on the Other Side: I'm a Poet for the War
02/12/2003: Lileks Offers a Time Capsul
02/12/2003: History Hidden Beneath the Sand
02/11/2003: Good for David Corn
02/11/2003: From Friends to Acquaintances
02/11/2003: Whoa. It really is real.
02/11/2003: Osama sas Quatch
02/11/2003: Ted Turner: The Christian Behind the Sneer
02/11/2003: Songs You Should Know 02/11/03
02/10/2003: Why Has This War Brought Out the Poets?
02/10/2003: All That Patriot Act II Stuff
02/10/2003: International Diplomacy Tip #254: Check Bugs Bunny File
02/10/2003: Back from Travelogueing
02/10/2003: Just War and War on Iraq
02/10/2003: Just Thinking 02/10/03
02/09/2003: Something New, Begun with Sad News
02/09/2003: The Cards in a Relative Deck
02/09/2003: Andrew Sullivan's Gay Problem
02/09/2003: No, No Anti-Americanism Here
02/09/2003: Plans upon Plans upon Plans
02/09/2003: A Bit of an Epiphany
02/08/2003: Of Dictators and Artists
02/08/2003: Just Thinking Clarification
02/07/2003: Now Available: Just Thinking: Volume I
02/07/2003: Be Careful Out There
02/07/2003: Huh. Playing God Is Inadvisable, After All.
02/07/2003: An Unexpected Fan of Reality Television
02/07/2003: Media Bias Debate: Day Three!
02/07/2003: Public School Presentation of Different Religions
02/07/2003: Letting Their Politics Lead Their Faith
02/07/2003: The Identity of a Man Probably Never to Be Seen
02/07/2003: Nice to Meet Ya, Mr. President.
02/06/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
02/06/2003: A Dark Irony
02/06/2003: NRO Answering My Demands
02/06/2003: Tony Blair: War Criminal
02/06/2003: When No Intelligent Conversation Is Possible About Sex
02/06/2003: Not Dustin Hoffman...
02/06/2003: Right on Schedule?
02/05/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
02/05/2003: Well, What Do I Know
02/05/2003: Scrambling the Brainbox
02/05/2003: A Thought on Intelligence
02/05/2003: Powell's Presentation
02/05/2003: Media Bias Debate on NRO
02/05/2003: Stuck at Your Computer?
02/05/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
02/04/2003: Sullivan: "I Got HIV, and I Look and Feel Great!"
02/04/2003: Right Reasons Wrong Conclusion
02/04/2003: Tying Our Own Hands and Letting the Monsters Loose
02/04/2003: Solution: Gender Quotas for Abortion
02/04/2003: Just Had to Share This One
02/04/2003: The Next Karzai
02/04/2003: Songs You Should Know 02/04/03
02/03/2003: The Best Available Evidence
02/03/2003: Facing What You Claim to Believe
02/03/2003: The Difference Between Columbia and Challenger
02/03/2003: When the Monster Coos
02/03/2003: This Shouldn't Be News
02/03/2003: The Beginning of a Response
02/03/2003: Just Thinking 02/03/03
02/02/2003: Great Start to 2003
02/02/2003: Why Do I Care?
02/02/2003: The Sign of the Century and the Making of a Column
02/02/2003: The Shadow Escapes and Speaks
02/02/2003: Through the Cracks to the Grave
02/02/2003: "Ignoring" Versus "Working Around"
02/01/2003: I Didn't So Much Mind the Wind
02/01/2003: Now Available: Just Thinking: Volume I
02/01/2003: Probably Not Terrorism, but Next Time?
02/01/2003: Traveling to Space Is Still Not Something About Which to Be Complaisant
02/01/2003: The Liberal Sense of Humor?
01/31/2003: Whaddaya think? Misinformation?
01/31/2003: The Smoking Telephone Conversation
01/31/2003: The Anti-War Vatican
01/31/2003: A Second Shot at Nonsense
01/31/2003: For the Sake of a Point
01/31/2003: How'd that get in there?
01/31/2003: Near the Surface of the Mind
01/30/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
01/30/2003: The Best "The Long View"
01/30/2003: Not Closing Their Eyes
01/30/2003: Shame on You, Nelson Mandela
01/30/2003: Big Bucks and Toe Stepping in International Charities
01/30/2003: Part of the A.N.S.W.E.R.?
01/30/2003: Poets Don't Have to Be Flakes!
01/29/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
01/29/2003: How Many Heads of State Make Something Multilateral?
01/29/2003: Up for a Show?
01/29/2003: Posturing to Please the Bullies
01/29/2003: Granting the Right to Choose
01/29/2003: Blogging Today
01/28/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
01/28/2003: State of the Union 1/28/03
01/28/2003: Animal Planet Is Really a Political-Interest Channel
01/28/2003: Takin' the Blog on the Wire
01/28/2003: The World Is a Frightening Place
01/28/2003: Just Thinking: Volume I Has Just Arrived
01/27/2003: Songs You Should Know 01/28/03
01/27/2003: Co-opting the Prayers of the Faithful
01/27/2003: Heading into the Sick-of-Winter Days
01/27/2003: Just Thinking 01/27/03
01/27/2003: What? Quoi? Eh?
01/26/2003: Chemical Warfare Suits for Iraqi Army, Chemical Warfare Suits for British Muslims... Where's Mine?
01/26/2003: What're You Doing, Billy?
01/26/2003: The Bloggerville Community from My Front Porch
01/26/2003: The Notebook: We May Never Know
01/26/2003: "Three Hit, Forty-Seven to Go"?
01/26/2003: Will the U.S. Remain a Member of the Anglosphere?
01/26/2003: Oh Come On, Sullivan!
01/26/2003: Credit Where Credit's Dowd
01/26/2003: Hey, Screw Reconciliation and Your Ancestors
01/26/2003: Apologies for Yesterday
01/25/2003: But Lullabies Go On and On
01/24/2003: Too Obvious Not to Photoshop
01/24/2003: And this concludes the most recent period of actually reading the Daily Dish.
01/24/2003: More Stuff Around the Web Site
01/24/2003: Amazing How Topics Expand
01/24/2003: Perfectly Put
01/24/2003: War Happenings
01/24/2003: A Retraction of Sorts
01/23/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
01/23/2003: Venturing Out into the Blogosphere Can Be Saddening
01/23/2003: Stuff Around the Blog
01/23/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
01/23/2003: Mixed Messages and Mixed Diversity on AIDS Commission
01/23/2003: Legalisms on Moral Issues
01/23/2003: Some Bloggers Just Won't Back Down
01/23/2003: Thinking and Arguing 115 for "Highered Intelligence"
01/22/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
01/22/2003: That Which We Hold Sacred
01/22/2003: An Historic Legacy Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
01/22/2003: Maybe I'm Just THAT Cynical About the International Press
01/22/2003: Fine, Unfederalize Abortion
01/22/2003: Through the Cracks of Understanding
01/22/2003: Americans: Just Like Tony Soprano
01/22/2003: Good Work, Agent Sharpton
01/21/2003: Jesus: Still Being Crucified
01/21/2003: Speaking of A.N.S.W.E.R.
01/21/2003: Still, It's Unbelievable
01/21/2003: The West and Moderate Muslims Wake Up
01/21/2003: Scott Ritter: UNSCUM
01/21/2003: Vlog: Too Late for Early Housing
01/21/2003: Songs You Should Know 01/21/03
01/21/2003: Just Thinking 01/20/03
01/20/2003: Hey, Parents: Wake Up!
01/20/2003: It's Almost Here!
01/20/2003: I don't wish to make a theme of this...
01/19/2003: Oblivious Defined?
01/19/2003: The Depth of Conservatism in the Middle East
01/19/2003: Republicans: Disavow This Clown!
01/19/2003: Tucker on the Democrats
01/18/2003: What Did and Didn't Happen Today
01/18/2003: We Want Unilateral Peace!... and a global Marxist state and the overthrow of the Jews who run the world and...
01/18/2003: Hey Hey Ho Ho Biased Press Has Got to Go
01/17/2003: Little State; Big Title
01/17/2003: Like Christianity, the Pope Is Subtle.
01/17/2003: Abortion, in Sum
01/17/2003: Will They Ever Get It?
01/17/2003: The Labrynth of Buts
01/17/2003: Hey Fellow Christians: They Kick Us 'Cause They Know They Can
01/17/2003: Where a Legalistic Culture Meets Open Technology
01/17/2003: Vlog's a-Comin'
01/17/2003: Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
01/16/2003: Being Grown-ups About Sex
01/16/2003: Timing Is Everything in the Peacenik Business
01/16/2003: Has Lileks Watched My Vlogs?
01/16/2003: "Bolus" Is a Sign of Good Things to Come
01/16/2003: More Than Just Fairness
01/16/2003: Even Bill O'Reilly Needs to Read This
01/16/2003: At the Front of the Pack
01/15/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
01/15/2003: My Kind of Peace Prayer
01/15/2003: Picking from the Giant Blob of Content
01/15/2003: Speaking of Digs
01/15/2003: Virtual Carsickness
01/15/2003: But for the Efforts of Conservatives, There Go We
01/15/2003: "Injecting"?
01/14/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
01/14/2003: Have I Mentioned That I'm Too Hard on My Students?
01/14/2003: National Review Editors Join Voices on Abstinence
01/14/2003: Speaking Words of Wisdom (Let It Be, Sheryl)
01/14/2003: Equality in Coverage
01/14/2003: Sorry, I Can't Be Hopeful About This.
01/14/2003: Tuesday Reminder
01/13/2003: It's Just a Matter of Weeks!
01/13/2003: Songs You Should Know 01/14/03
01/13/2003: From the Give Me a Break Department
01/13/2003: I Hate to Jump on the xBlogging Bandwagon, but How About Quigging?
01/13/2003: Not Yer Daddy's Cracker Jack Toy
01/13/2003: Mac Users Never Pick on PCs Their Own Size
01/12/2003: Just Thinking 01/13/03
01/12/2003: A Quick Note on Signs
01/12/2003: The Price of Conversion
01/12/2003: Giving Memorials Their Due
01/12/2003: The Bravery of Politicians
01/12/2003: The Slippery Condom Cover-Up
01/11/2003: Hey Lefties: Wanna Understand Michael Savage's Broad Appeal?
01/11/2003: "Race" and Corresponding Factors
01/11/2003: Who Would Know Better?
01/11/2003: Next Stop: Plogging!
01/11/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
01/10/2003: Important to Note These Stories
01/10/2003: The Russians Are Still a Good Bet for Fiction Writers
01/10/2003: A Dollar for Choice?
01/10/2003: Ah, 'Twould Be Music
01/10/2003: A Way Out for Senator Murray
01/10/2003: Vlog: Not-Yet-Primitive Vlogging Techniques
01/09/2003: The Poet Laureate's Plea
01/09/2003: What Do We Lose When the Neighborhood Cop Doesn't Act Like a Neighbor?
01/09/2003: What Would Dr. Huxtable Say About Korea
01/09/2003: Some Lingering Holiday Merriment
01/09/2003: Vlogging Goes Interactive
01/08/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
01/08/2003: The Proofs Are Here! The Proofs Are Here!
01/08/2003: A Full Year of Just Thinking
01/08/2003: Fellini Would Have Been a Vlogger
01/08/2003: That Such a Sharp Young Mind Should Be Marred by Silliness
01/08/2003: The Right Governor
01/08/2003: And Whose Blood Would That Be?
01/08/2003: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
01/07/2003: Thoughts Are in the Air
01/07/2003: Hey, When You Wanna Hear It, Who Cares If It's Right?
01/07/2003: Knowing Where We've Been to Know Where We Are
01/07/2003: Ah, Herman, I Weep for Your Progeny.
01/07/2003: And the Countdown Begins...
01/07/2003: Amazing Innovation
01/07/2003: And Trent Lott's a Racist?
01/07/2003: I Find Their Strategy Telling.
01/07/2003: Apparently, My Memo Hasn't Gotten Around...
01/07/2003: Songs You Should Know 01/07/03
01/07/2003: Just Thinking 01/06/03
01/06/2003: A New Vlogger Enters the Scene...
01/06/2003: Reason for My Late Start
01/05/2003: A New Look for John Edwards
01/05/2003: The Pope on Iraq
01/05/2003: Proof That Life Is Fiction
01/05/2003: Attack of the Clones
01/05/2003: Well, It Is "Timshel Arts"
01/05/2003: Memo: Bush Out of Touch
01/04/2003: Environmentalism in Rhode Island
01/04/2003: Talk Radio: Right Wing Bastion?
01/04/2003: Apologies for Typos
01/03/2003: Since When Do We Call Mullahs "Preachers"?
01/03/2003: Go Impromptus Posthaste and Bleat
01/03/2003: A Full Year of Just Thinking
01/03/2003: Edwards's Epiphany
01/03/2003: The Musical Addiction
01/03/2003: By Way of Abstraction
01/03/2003: Speaking of Tolerant Censorship
01/03/2003: Wonder if Anybody Saw That Coming...
01/03/2003: How Art Thou Unlike Saddam? Let Me Count the Ways.
01/03/2003: Investigating the Left
01/03/2003: Stereotyping the Right
01/02/2003: The Redwood Review Fiction of the Week
01/02/2003: Bloggers Selling Books
01/02/2003: Secular Cloning Objections
01/02/2003: My SUV Is a Boon to Oil Conservation!
01/02/2003: Thanks, Superintendent McDowell, I Didn't Know That About Candy Canes; Now I Do
01/02/2003: Vlog: The Independent Will Inherit the Market
01/02/2003: The Redwood Review Nonfiction of the Week
01/02/2003: The Animals' Neighborhoods Go to the Humans
01/02/2003: Foiling the Demonizers
01/02/2003: Happy New Year!
12/31/2002: The Redwood Review Poem of the Week
12/31/2002: What's in a Name?
12/31/2002: A Full Year of Just Thinking
12/31/2002: Alternatives to Controversial Procedures
12/31/2002: Derb's Mixed Messages
12/31/2002: Can't Make This Stuff Up
12/31/2002: Songs You Should Know 12/31/02
12/31/2002: The Law of Unintended Arguments
12/30/2002: Books, Columns, Blogs, and Vlogs
12/30/2002: The Secret Protection
12/30/2002: THIS Was Only a Matter of Time
12/30/2002: When "Unilateralism" Entered the Lexicon
12/30/2002: Just Thinking 12/30/02
12/29/2002: Well, I Hope This Whole Ugly Thing Is on the Exit Path
12/29/2002: But those aren't religious stories...
12/29/2002: Teaching the Body to Combat a Chameleon
12/29/2002: Slow News Days and Trade-Offs
12/27/2002: One Way to Get a Free CD
12/27/2002: Fasting Makes Food Taste Better
12/27/2002: When Big Media Attacks Itself
12/27/2002: Pied Piper: a Prescient Parable
12/27/2002: Who's Against Cloning? It's "For the Children," After All.
12/26/2002: Is Vlogging the Future of Do-It-Yourself Media?
12/26/2002: Judging Others by Thier Measuring Stick
12/25/2002: It's a Small Religion After All
12/25/2002: Remember in your dinner prayers and well-wishes...
12/25/2002: For the Lonely on Christmas
12/25/2002: Merry Christmas!
12/25/2002: I had intended to blog today...
12/23/2002: Who Are This Guy's Speech Writers?
12/23/2002: Well, That's Why He's at the Top
12/23/2002: Truth in Iconography
12/23/2002: Statistics on Abuse
12/23/2002: Songs You Should Know 12/24/02
12/23/2002: "O Come All Ye Holiday Celebrators"
12/23/2002: Just Thinking 12/23/02
12/23/2002: Quick and Spoons Have It Wrong... I Think
12/22/2002: Hmmm.... What to Protest?
12/22/2002: What's the Purpose of Ideas if Others Can't Share Them?
12/22/2002: Oppression of Conservatives on Campus
12/21/2002: In Lieu of Contributing Money to Instapundit
12/21/2002: Happy Christmas (War Is Coming)
12/21/2002: Rod Dreher's Low Opinion of Yankees
12/21/2002: The Politicization of Science Goes Both Ways
12/21/2002: Those Wacky Vicars
12/20/2002: The Ballad of Trent Lott
12/20/2002: On Rainy Days
12/20/2002: A Full Year of Just Thinking
12/20/2002: Rewriting History, the Liberal Way
12/20/2002: Reason to Heavily Regulate Genetic Research #1,202,999
12/20/2002: Anti-Arab Backlash at Arizona State University
12/20/2002: Feeling Helpless in the Face of Inanity
12/19/2002: Elementary School Principals Should Know Better
12/19/2002: Being Paul
12/19/2002: Is Phil Donahue Going to Heaven?
12/19/2002: What Is a Hawk to Do?
12/19/2002: PBS's Islamic Promotional Film
12/19/2002: A Hoax or a Con?
12/18/2002: Squaring Circles and Other Nifty Tricks
12/18/2002: No Aesthetics Left in Art
12/18/2002: What Is and Isn't Inciteful
12/17/2002: NIMBY or NIMBI?
12/17/2002: The Pants Make a Man
12/17/2002: Korea Getting Hotter to Handle, Not Just the North
12/17/2002: Lott on BET and Muhammad on PBS
12/17/2002: Suggestions for the Hollywood Charter Trip to Iraq
12/17/2002: Another Dead Jackass
12/16/2002: A Full Year of Just Thinking
12/16/2002: Songs You Should Know 12/17/02
12/16/2002: Just Thinking 12/16/02
12/16/2002: For the Who'd 'a' Thunk It File
12/16/2002: This Has Got to Change
12/16/2002: It's Always Something
12/15/2002: Christmas Music: It May Not Be Too Late
12/15/2002: Depriving Public School Children of Religious Studies
12/15/2002: The Group Consciousness and the Eye of the Internet
12/15/2002: Arafat to bin Laden: "Stay off My Turf," or "Don't Get Me Killed," or ...
12/14/2002: From Then to Now on the Gaming Scene
12/13/2002: I Wonder If Every Father Hopes to Have a Daughter...
12/13/2002: What's a Government For?
12/13/2002: Some Facts 'n' Figures on Global Warming
12/13/2002: Malkin a Lott of Sense
12/13/2002: Last Words on Lott (Unless Something Really Interesting Happens)
12/12/2002: Both Sides of the Faith-Based Initiatives
12/12/2002: Allowing Our Beliefs to Be Shaken
12/12/2002: Opportunity for a Media-Watcher Contest
12/12/2002: Wherefor Moby-Dick
12/12/2002: It'll Just Keep Coming and Coming
12/12/2002: Not a Lott to Say
12/12/2002: Still Having Intermittent Problems
12/12/2002: Who's Got the Power?
12/11/2002: Sullivan Marches On
12/11/2002: Songs You Should Know 12/10/02
12/11/2002: Just Thinking 12/09/02 (a few days late)
12/11/2002: Where's the Responsibility?
12/10/2002: Remembering Things Said Aside
12/10/2002: It Isn't Worth Arguing with Dogmatists
12/10/2002: Sick of the Games, Yet?
12/10/2002: Back in Business?
12/09/2002: Making It to the Bigtime
12/09/2002: Pulling One Over on the Object of the Cause
12/09/2002: Being Fair About the Scandal
12/09/2002: Priests: Just for the Record
12/08/2002: Two Delayed Reactions
12/07/2002: Reason to Be Afraid #578
12/07/2002: Free Will and Fighting Faith with Faith
12/06/2002: Another Source of Cyclical Frustration
12/06/2002: America: Not Just Lying Presidents, but Ignorant Citizens, Too
12/06/2002: Ideological Bait and Switch with the News
12/06/2002: Clinton's Unbiased Affront
12/06/2002: Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous: Saddam's Palaces
12/05/2002: Today's Excuse for Light Posting
12/05/2002: How the Loose Ends Are Allowed to Drop Rather than Be Tied
12/05/2002: Well THIS makes no sense!
12/04/2002: Dust in the Light on the Road
12/04/2002: Coulter in Disguise?
12/04/2002: The Innocent Have Nothing to Hide...
12/04/2002: Never Going Back to My Old School
12/03/2002: Timing, Phrasing, and Ethics
12/03/2002: "Would You Like Music? It's Extra."
12/03/2002: Is There Just a Worldwide Tone of Anti-Americanism?
12/03/2002: A Mitigating Factor for Bush on the Saudis
12/03/2002: Monthly Web Stat Analysis
12/03/2002: My Slack Pulled Taut
12/03/2002: In the mood to pick up the SUV debate?
12/02/2002: Songs You Should Know 12/03/02
12/02/2002: Just Thinking 12/02/02
12/02/2002: Closing in on the Gold Reward
12/02/2002: The Swamp Thing's Brave New World
12/02/2002: The Tone of Human Rights Organizations
12/02/2002: Christmas Tree Stand Advice
12/01/2002: Where the Brain Is
11/30/2002: Autism as Extreme Maleness?
11/30/2002: Still Waiting for the Explanation
11/29/2002: The Lack of Middle Ground on Luxury Items
11/29/2002: Don't Miss the Buzz
11/29/2002: Savaging Fireplaces
11/29/2002: Apologies for Postlessness
11/28/2002: All the Stuff That's Left Out
11/28/2002: At This Point, Who Knows...
11/28/2002: All I Can Say Is: Good Luck!
11/28/2002: Happy Thanksgiving!
11/28/2002: Getting the False Comparison Exactly Wrong
11/27/2002: What Do You Mean by Violence?
11/27/2002: Apologies to John Derbyshire...
11/27/2002: More on Gore
11/27/2002: A Lesson Not Learned
11/26/2002: Continuing from the Last
11/26/2002: Something to Remember About People
11/25/2002: Songs You Should Know 11/26/02
11/25/2002: Making It to the Bigtime
11/25/2002: Just Thinking 11/25/02
11/25/2002: Back on the Job
11/25/2002: Merely Semantics Among the Faithful?
11/25/2002: Peeking Behind Best Buy's Illusion
11/25/2002: What's in a Day?
11/25/2002: Real Men Know How to Choke Back Tears
11/24/2002: Well, That Pretty Well Sums Up My Day
11/23/2002: Two Tidbits on Media
11/23/2002: Correction on Dance Laws
11/23/2002: An Instructive Look Around the World
11/22/2002: Coulter in My Little Corner of the World
11/22/2002: A Strange Kind of Still
11/22/2002: Here's a Question (Dershowitz & the Muslims Lawyers)
11/21/2002: How to Further Reduce Credibility with an Apology
11/21/2002: The Right's Unsung Babe
11/21/2002: Not with Tanks, but with Sandals
11/21/2002: A Convenience for the Muslim Lawyers
11/21/2002: Buckle Your Seatbelts and Stock Up on Bullets
11/20/2002: Attention Grammy Members!
11/20/2002: The U.S. Believes in Free Speech. Who Knew?
11/20/2002: How Blind We Have Been
11/20/2002: A Morally Centered Organization?
11/20/2002: A Plan... for a Movie, Anyway
11/20/2002: I Guess We Have an Answer
11/19/2002: Now This Is Insane
11/19/2002: Attention Starved, Are We?
11/19/2002: Push Now, or Slaughter Later
11/19/2002: Just a Passing Connection
11/19/2002: Before It Falls Out of My Head
11/19/2002: The Expected Reaction re: Fox
11/18/2002: Songs You Should Know 11/19/02
11/18/2002: Made-to-Order Adversary
11/18/2002: Libertarians Have to Chill Out
11/18/2002: Placing Images in Children's Heads
11/18/2002: Can it be gotten back under control?
11/17/2002: On Orwell's Turf
11/17/2002: When Disorientation Is the Fault of the Viewer
11/17/2002: Just Thinking 11/18/02
11/17/2002: Why Religion Pivots and What It Pivots On
11/16/2002: Funny thing about context...
11/16/2002: Another Author Inexplicably Published
11/15/2002: Proving Their Insanity to the Insane
11/15/2002: Catholic Blogs in Print
11/15/2002: I know I'm late commenting on this...
11/15/2002: It's So Cheap That We Don't Have Any for You to Buy!
11/15/2002: I Know, I Know, It's Redundant
11/15/2002: Differing Views on Terrorism & Iraq
11/14/2002: First, Do No Harm
11/14/2002: Answering Impromptus
11/14/2002: Bet It Won't Be Tried as a "Hate Crime"...
11/14/2002: More Wasted Time in Government
11/14/2002: Due Credit to Dust in the Light
11/13/2002: Chafeeing Under the Collar
11/13/2002: Second Chances to Punish
11/13/2002: Pre-Unspinning Iraq's Capitulation
11/13/2002: Drop Ritalin, Not Bombs
11/12/2002: Brilliance in All Sizes
11/12/2002: And while I'm ranting on the topic...
11/12/2002: No Ms. Maserati, No!
11/12/2002: Putting the Finger on Nordlinger
11/12/2002: Late News About "Censorship"
11/12/2002: Jackasses on the Road to Rome
11/12/2002: Note on the Day
11/11/2002: Songs You Should Know 11/12/02
11/11/2002: Just Thinking 11/11/02
11/11/2002: Speaking of the End of the World
11/11/2002: Real Storms, and "Perfect" Does Not Apply
11/11/2002: The Perfect Storm to Sink the Democrats
11/11/2002: "Crazy Like a Pol"
11/11/2002: Image of the Day
11/11/2002: Nobody Bleats It Better
11/10/2002: Moby Dick: A Stepping Stone to God
11/10/2002: Today's Readings
11/10/2002: A Homily for Bloggers
11/10/2002: In My Expert Opinion...
11/10/2002: Where No Blog Has Gone Before
11/10/2002: Americans: Behind the Curtain of Propaganda
11/10/2002: Did somebody famous link to me?
11/09/2002: Continuing with the thoughts about libertarians...
11/09/2002: Instead of Digging in on Abortion, Civil Libertarians Should Concentrate on This
11/09/2002: Ignoring Sea Changes
11/09/2002: What's the Deal with the Libertarians?
11/08/2002: The Rift That Must Be Held Together... For Now
11/08/2002: Condoleezza, By the By
11/08/2002: Followup to Toldyaso #1
11/08/2002: Must Read for the Day
11/08/2002: Where are the whips?
11/07/2002: (Tentative) Post-Election Itoldyaso #1
11/07/2002: My Two Big Problems with the Media Reaction
11/06/2002: Into the Depths of Dementia
11/06/2002: Tardy Print Media Gives Away Secret Code
11/06/2002: Another 1,000-Word Picture for the Dems
11/06/2002: Qualifiers on the Right
11/06/2002: The Odds Have Changed
11/06/2002: The way it goes in the big city
11/06/2002: A Victory Blog
11/05/2002: John Lennon Rolls Over in His Grave... and I'm Laughing
11/05/2002: "Don't Film My Face"
11/05/2002: "In a sense, we have no proof."
11/05/2002: More Democrats Breaking the Law
11/05/2002: Songs You Should Know 11/05/02
11/04/2002: Just Thinking 11/04/02
11/04/2002: For the Yet-to-See-a-Retraction File
11/04/2002: Something to Do While I'm Out of the Room
11/04/2002: Haikuing the Left
11/04/2002: That About Which We Know Nothing
11/04/2002: Bias? What Bias?
11/04/2002: An Addendum One Step Removed
11/04/2002: Precognitive Media for Voting Stats?
11/04/2002: [Enter cliche about wings and wind.]
11/04/2002: Keeping a Peculiar Balance
11/04/2002: Us v. Them
11/03/2002: Of Leaps and "Slight Increases"
11/03/2002: More on Muhammad
11/03/2002: Keep an Eye on This
11/02/2002: To Fill Those Library Shelves
11/01/2002: Advice for Bloggers
11/01/2002: Sussing Out Jay Nordlinger
11/01/2002: Lileks Misunderstands Mondale
11/01/2002: Quirkiness
11/01/2002: Time Off Is Shorter Time
10/31/2002: This was almost a year ago!
10/31/2002: As the Ivy Rots Off the Buildings
10/31/2002: There's not much to say...
10/31/2002: Because the Big Guys Aren't Saying It at All, We Little Guys Must Repeat Ourselves
10/31/2002: Nations Cannot Act Unilaterally in Today's World
10/31/2002: Tiresome Consistency
10/30/2002: Pushing for Lawsuits
10/30/2002: Is this a lawful expression of political objectives?
10/30/2002: Still on Memory Lane... Still in English
10/30/2002: An Odd Train of Thought
10/30/2002: The State Paper's Coverage of That Debate Last Night
10/30/2002: Change for the Better as a Barrier to Change
10/30/2002: Heart Attack Survival Tips
10/30/2002: The Flash Wars Continue
10/30/2002: And the Character Shows Through
10/29/2002: Silly That This Should Be Made Necessary
10/29/2002: Walking the Dogs to the Tune of Debate
10/29/2002: You know: Tuesday and all
10/29/2002: Ever seen that commercial...
10/28/2002: Songs You Should Know 10/28/02
10/28/2002: Just Thinking 10/28/02
10/28/2002: New Jazz CD in Confidence Place
10/28/2002: Words on Wellstone
10/28/2002: Germane Posts on Instapundit
10/27/2002: Who Is Smarter Mark Shea?
10/26/2002: Hiding Islam & Bringing Up Christian Fundamentalists
10/26/2002: Aha! A laptop! I knew it!
10/26/2002: Irony Is Hell
10/26/2002: A Moment to Hang a Memory On
10/26/2002: What We Choose to See in Iraq
10/25/2002: The Internet as Epic Battle
10/25/2002: Do "Rebels" Take Civilians Hostage?
10/25/2002: New Charges Against Muhammad
10/25/2002: Sound Familiar?
10/25/2002: Are There Others Out There?
10/24/2002: When the Wrong Story Unfolds
10/24/2002: Advantage Blogosphere (Specifically: Me!)
10/24/2002: Why I'm More Apt to Relate to the GOP than the Democrats
10/24/2002: Ah, the Spin Before an Election!
10/24/2002: Like a Duck in a Noose
10/24/2002: Do Out of Whack Priorities Foretell a Bright Future for Change?
10/24/2002: Well, That's a Twist
10/23/2002: I hate to give fodder to the black helicopter crowd, but...
10/23/2002: Have You Noticed All the "Experts" Attempting to Find Politic Ways to Change Their Opinions About the D.C. Sniper?
10/23/2002: Nixing the Income Tax
10/23/2002: Speaking of Misinformation...
10/23/2002: Obligatory Misinformation
10/23/2002: More Kind-Hearted Separation of Church and State Activity
10/23/2002: A Slice of Modern Life, Courtesy the Progressives
10/22/2002: An Internet Attack Cover Up?
10/22/2002: Gagging the Moose
10/22/2002: Problems, Illness, and Training
10/22/2002: Not to Be Dismissed
10/21/2002: Songs You Should Know 10/22/02
10/21/2002: I'm in sort of a blogging limbo...
10/21/2002: Well, Something Has Happened..
10/20/2002: Just Thinking 10/21/02
10/20/2002: Instapundit Is Where Glenn Lays His Behind
10/20/2002: A Strange Appeal from Chief Moose
10/20/2002: Constitution Versus Bible
10/19/2002: Academic Myopia
10/19/2002: I love how nothing has anything to do with anything...
10/18/2002: Different Methods of Proselytization
10/18/2002: What Will They Say About This in the Future?
10/18/2002: Not the most reliable source, but...
10/17/2002: Explaining My Lethargy
10/17/2002: A Note on Today
10/16/2002: Is a Hugfest Good, of Itself?
10/16/2002: Makin' Us Bloggers Respectable-Like
10/16/2002: No Sketch Forthcoming; Something's Starting to Look Peculiar
10/16/2002: Sheesh... I always forget to promote.
10/15/2002: More on the DC Sniper
10/15/2002: Rhode Island Really Is (Still) "New England"
10/15/2002: Nordlinger Covers All Bases
10/15/2002: Then, there are the advantages of unruly children...
10/15/2002: Old News by Now
10/14/2002: My Weekly Column
10/14/2002: One of My Earlier Questions Perhaps Answered
10/14/2002: Link Worthy
10/14/2002: Internet as Time Waster
10/14/2002: Was the Sniper Caught by Means of His Girlfriend Shooting Him?
10/14/2002: Empowering Kids to Rule Their Parents
10/14/2002: Bin Laden Makes First Television Appearance Since Tora Bora
10/14/2002: It has been an off week!
10/14/2002: Oh Blogosphere, Thou Art Fickle
10/14/2002: "Jesus" as "Oh Boy"
10/14/2002: Prayers for Those Affected by Terrorism All Around the World
10/14/2002: "The first time may have been through ignorance but by four times we'd hope the message had got through."
10/14/2002: Worrying About Losing Something Already Lost
10/14/2002: Not the Way to Win Folks Over
10/13/2002: OBL Livin' Large
10/13/2002: That Saudi Sense of Humor
10/13/2002: No, no link here.
10/13/2002: Lapses
10/12/2002: Everyday Tasks
10/12/2002: The Principle of the Naked Women
10/12/2002: Do I Know You from Somewhere?
10/12/2002: A Man Who Would Be President
10/11/2002: What an Embarrassment
10/11/2002: Instructions for Reading Today's Lileks
10/11/2002: Saddam and Tim McVeigh "Like Brothers"
10/11/2002: Taking Objectivity Too Far
10/11/2002: A Reasonable Left
10/11/2002: Hillary Gets a Lesson in Democracy
10/11/2002: A Message to Writers?
10/11/2002: How Convenient... Margaritas May Come Standard with Birth Control
10/11/2002: Rush Ought to Prepare for a Windfall of Callers
10/10/2002: My Poor Church, a Tale of Two Oppositions: Second, the Agnostic (concluded)
10/10/2002: My Poor Church, a Tale of Two Oppositions: Second, the Agnostic (continued)
10/10/2002: Imprompt Equivalence
10/10/2002: Unnecessary Laws
10/10/2002: That Which Is Is Not Only That, but Also Not That Which Is Not.
10/10/2002: Darn Phone!
10/10/2002: Me or the Technology?
10/10/2002: Powell Appeases Belafonte
10/10/2002: The Lies That Make a Choice an Escape
10/09/2002: Tackling the Straw Effigy
10/09/2002: A New Server
10/09/2002: My Poor Church, a Tale of Two Oppositions: Second, the Agnostic
10/09/2002: Thoughts on Blogging from an Old School Hack
10/09/2002: The America They Don't Want Us to Know
10/09/2002: Memo to Western Media
10/09/2002: What an Evil Message the Current Miss America Is Promoting!
10/09/2002: Evidence? Distraction?
10/08/2002: My Poor Church, a Tale of Two Oppositions: First, the Atheist
10/08/2002: Want Happiness? Cut Out the Negative.
10/08/2002: Times Changes Headlines to Appease Conservatives
10/08/2002: Kids!
10/07/2002: It's Teachin' Tuesday
10/07/2002: Songs You Should Know 10/8/02
10/07/2002: The Bush Speech
10/07/2002: Please, Mr. President, Make These People Scuttle to Fix Their Presumption
10/07/2002: I Know, I Know, I'm Still Not Supposed to Notice These Things
10/07/2002: You'll never guess my opinion on Jay Nordlinger's Impromptus today...
10/07/2002: Terrorism Today
10/07/2002: Give This Guy the McKinney Treatment
10/07/2002: And then the better side of Americans
10/07/2002: This is not good.
10/07/2002: The Left/Right Divide, Religion, & Poetic Star Trek
10/06/2002: Just Thinking 10/07/02, Business, & Suggestion
10/06/2002: Remember the One-Bullet Statement of Press Secretary ARi fleIsCher?
10/06/2002: Another Bad Argument
10/06/2002: Were the 60s innocent?
10/05/2002: Turnaboutabout from the EIB
10/05/2002: Find a White Guy
10/05/2002: An Explanation of Fundamentals
10/04/2002: Fun Bush-Related Factoids from National Review
10/04/2002: Studying for the Election
10/04/2002: It could just be the timing of the stories...
10/04/2002: Two Words: AM Dial — Rush Never Does This Stuff
10/04/2002: Milestones and Murphy's Law
10/04/2002: Turnabout Is Fair Play... Even in Politics
10/04/2002: Overall, This Story Is Relatively Innocuous
10/04/2002: Speaking of Things Not Seen
10/04/2002: What's the definition of racism again?
10/04/2002: My New Addiction
10/03/2002: Doin' It the Old Fashioned Way
10/03/2002: This is embarassing
10/03/2002: Will We Know Terrorism When We See It?
10/03/2002: Forget TV... this is the really dangerous stuff:
10/03/2002: Just Look at the List
10/03/2002: Thieves! Con Artists! Bureaucrats!
10/03/2002: That's Me in the Corner
10/03/2002: Fair and Balanced...
10/02/2002: See, I could have written a column about this...
10/02/2002: Our Ivy Is Just as Blue
10/02/2002: Giving the Editorial Staff Its Due
10/02/2002: Chris Reeve at URI Follow-Up
10/02/2002: Aha! Gotcha! That's What You Really Mean!
10/02/2002: Something Most Writers Probably Hear a Lot
10/02/2002: Our Kind Is Just Smarter
10/02/2002: Lileks: on the Ball; Democrats: off the Map
10/02/2002: Dumbest Statement of the Day
10/02/2002: When Experts Don't Know, How Can We?
10/01/2002: Calling It a Night
10/01/2002: The Plight of the Writer
10/01/2002: Odd 'n' Funny
10/01/2002: Pedagogical Solicitude Shifting to Boys
10/01/2002: The Difference a President Makes
10/01/2002: If I had any brains...
10/01/2002: What did I ever do to him?
09/30/2002: Songs You Should Know 10/01/02
09/30/2002: Lileks, the Sopranos, and Ethics in Art
09/30/2002: Don't Throw Away Those Notes
09/30/2002: Good Mormnig
09/29/2002: Just Thinking 09/30/02
09/29/2002: Inadvertently Funny Moments in TV
09/29/2002: Is It Something in the Water... or in the Sand?
09/29/2002: Miracles, Stem Cells, and Christopher Reeve
09/28/2002: Well, Here's Some Good News... for the U.S., Anyway
09/28/2002: Round and Round — Blah Blah Blah
09/28/2002: Recaptioning
09/27/2002: Where's the ACLU?
09/26/2002: When the Flea Disproves the Elephant, Post 2
09/26/2002: When the Flea Disproves the Elephant, Post 1
09/26/2002: W. Williams Contributes to the Argument Store
09/26/2002: The Consequences of Action, Inaction, and Destraction
09/26/2002: Starting the Morning After Lunch & Thinking About That Which I Don't Read
09/25/2002: Have I mentioned that it's important to be skeptical...
09/25/2002: Twain Is in the Air
09/25/2002: Coming Out... of a Different Sort
09/25/2002: Lileks Is Done With His Errands and R&R
09/25/2002: Two workplaces in one... umm... workplace
09/25/2002: Religion, Huck Finn, & Terrorism
09/25/2002: To Clarify Re. Abuse and Abuse of Abusers
09/24/2002: Is This Crunchy Conservatism?
09/24/2002: How Good We Got It, Technologically
09/23/2002: Timshel Music Songs You Should Know 09/24/02
09/23/2002: More Dot Connecting
09/23/2002: Reason for Optimism About Race
09/23/2002: To Be Fair
09/23/2002: One, Two, Three, Four; We Don't Want Your Fleeting War
09/22/2002: Can You Picture This?
09/22/2002: Hatred of Bush
09/22/2002: Toogood to Be True
09/22/2002: The Ugliness of War
09/21/2002: Thanks to Instapundit
09/21/2002: An Interesting Juxtaposition
09/21/2002: Speaking of Universities
09/21/2002: I've Got Nothing Against Rupert Murdoch...
09/21/2002: Measuring Depth of Learning
09/20/2002: The Other Side of My Temperament
09/20/2002: Memo to Muslim Community: More Like This
09/20/2002: One of those days of feeling as if I'm adrift while others sail
09/20/2002: Follow-up to the Huck Finn Post
09/20/2002: This Is INSANE
09/20/2002: Becoming sure of something about which I'm not sure.
09/19/2002: This has got to be a set-up of some kind... doesn't it?
09/19/2002: Much to Dislike in Short Article
09/19/2002: Surviving Again
09/19/2002: That Which Redefines
09/19/2002: Cutting Losses Versus Cutting Loose
09/19/2002: What Is Art, and What Does It Mean If Something Is Art?
09/18/2002: A Proper Skepticism
09/18/2002: The Cycle of Revelation, Complication, Contemplation, Revelation
09/18/2002: Here Come the Bastards
09/18/2002: The ACLU: Protector of the Disrespectful and Brazen
09/18/2002: Bin Laden's Dead
09/17/2002: Ad infinitum, ad absurdum, ad nauseum
09/17/2002: Why Listening to Too Many Ashcroft/Bush Bashers Can Ruin Your Life (and Get You on Larry King)
09/17/2002: Business After Crawling Across the Threshold
09/16/2002: Ah, Technology, Canst Thou Reach Between My Ears?
09/16/2002: Billy Joel's Got the Blues
09/16/2002: Making the Roll
09/16/2002: Dahoo Doray Dahoo Doray
09/16/2002: Well, Some Things Have Changed
09/16/2002: Helping Scott Ritter to Fisk Himself, Part 4: Ritter's "Big Lie"
09/15/2002: Just Thinking 09/16/02
09/15/2002: How to Fix Collegiate Adversity
09/15/2002: Helping Scott Ritter to Fisk Himself, Part 3: Saddam's "Capabilities"
09/15/2002: Riding the Cultural Tidal Wave
09/15/2002: Picking Sides in She Said/They Said
09/14/2002: Passing on Another Nation's Torch
09/14/2002: Helping Scott Ritter to Fisk Himself, Part 2: Saddam & bin Laden
09/14/2002: Helping Scott Ritter to Fisk Himself (Part 1)
09/13/2002: Well, It Was a Hoax... With a Message Beneath
09/13/2002: Change of Tone
09/13/2002: Here's One More Chance...
09/13/2002: Bin Laden on the Go!
09/13/2002: Modern Poetry
09/13/2002: A Quick Bit of Advice on Discourse
09/13/2002: Want an unconventional writing exercise?
09/13/2002: Well, I'm Certainly on Red Alert
09/13/2002: In the First Amendment Trenches
09/13/2002: Hello, It's Me: Raving Lunatic
09/12/2002: Guarded Questions
09/12/2002: The Christian Version of "the U.S. Deserved" It Rears Its Head
09/12/2002: Has Anything Changed?
09/12/2002: For the God's Dickensian Characters File
09/12/2002: President Bush's Speech to the United Nations
09/12/2002: Remember That "Everything Is a Coincidence" Article?
09/12/2002: The Big Lie, or Big Ignorance?
09/12/2002: What Do You Know: I Made the Student Paper
09/11/2002: Little Miss Katz
09/11/2002: Cooling Off and Warming Up
09/11/2002: Mourning the Dead
09/11/2002: Not Just Another Date
09/11/2002: Iraq Celebrates "God's Punishment" of America last 9/11
09/11/2002: Timely and to Be Despised?
09/11/2002: This goes for blogs, too.
09/11/2002: How Opinions Vary About Extremism in America
09/11/2002: Safe at Home, September 11, 2001
09/10/2002: Ono! The Perfect Metaphor.
09/10/2002: And the Euros Complain About the U.S.'s Concept of Capital Punishment!
09/10/2002: Just Checking In
09/09/2002: Tuesday Tuesday
09/09/2002: Songs You Should Know 9/10/02
09/09/2002: Hmmm... is that "silly cowboy talk" working?
09/09/2002: Update RE: My High School & September 11
09/09/2002: Smoking Gun? Smoking Boeing 707!
09/09/2002: Media Likes Wrong Headlines
09/09/2002: Paradox: It Takes Longer for Things to Sink into an Empty Head
09/08/2002: I Hope This Is as Dead On Predictively as Factually
09/08/2002: Just Thinking 09/09/02
09/08/2002: Remembering to Not Forget
09/08/2002: The Times They Were A-Changin', Alright
09/08/2002: Then there's this one...
09/08/2002: Trying to Find a Memory
09/07/2002: The Fetishization of Dissent
09/07/2002: A Statesman from Across the Pond
09/07/2002: Pop Culture Jars Against History
09/07/2002: Containing Terrorists
09/07/2002: The Popularity of the Press
09/07/2002: Han Solo's Political Opinion
09/06/2002: Patriotism, Essentially
09/06/2002: An Unfair Dismissal of Predicated Responses
09/06/2002: Compliments: Are They Real? Are They Deserved?
09/06/2002: Is Simon the Devil?
09/06/2002: Things We Remember... and Don't
09/06/2002: Want Some Real Moral Clarity?
09/05/2002: See, While We're Out There Arguing in the Fields...
09/05/2002: Lileks Adds to the Mood
09/05/2002: Lighter Subjects
09/05/2002: The Privileges of White-Hating
09/05/2002: Taking it on... with expediency.
09/04/2002: Still Wanna Believe that Saddam's Not a Direct Threat?
09/04/2002: American Idol Is Now Finished
09/04/2002: Picture Hunt Update
09/04/2002: Co-Ed Sleepovers for Teeny Boppers
09/04/2002: Diversity at UPS
09/04/2002: A U.S. Regime Change
09/04/2002: Maybe this is mean, but it's driving me crazy.
09/03/2002: The World Will Never Learn
09/03/2002: Talkin' 'bout Iraq Again
09/03/2002: Is it really US-envy?
09/03/2002: How About That... Not Playing with Knives Reduces Number of Cuts
09/03/2002: Hey! That's My Bishop!
09/03/2002: One More NRODT
09/03/2002: Snobs on Snobbery
09/03/2002: National Review on Dead Tree
09/03/2002: What's in a Headline
09/03/2002: Was That Summer?
09/02/2002: Songs You Should Know 09/03/02
09/02/2002: Badmouthing the U.S. Isn't All Celebs Do in London
09/02/2002: The Ongoing Saga of a Catholic Politician in Michigan
09/02/2002: San Fran = Neverland?
09/01/2002: Massachusetts: Home of the Witch Hunt
09/01/2002: Sam Adams Pours Its Image Down the Drain
09/01/2002: Just Thinking 09/02/02
09/01/2002: Beating the Dead Horse of Leadership
09/01/2002: When the Palestinians Love Their Children
08/31/2002: Prelude to a Season
08/31/2002: What are religious people afraid of finding out?
08/30/2002: More Nimby
08/30/2002: Consequences Schmonsequences
08/30/2002: Racism Masked as Critical Theory
08/30/2002: Teacher Screening
08/30/2002: At What Cost?
08/30/2002: Assumed Guilty
08/29/2002: A Cause by Any Other Name...
08/29/2002: Reason 3,856,103
08/29/2002: Impromptus Again
08/29/2002: Le Pays Pompeux (or the Gall of the Gauls)
08/29/2002: Remembrances and Confessions
08/28/2002: We HAVE to Ask Why They Don't Hate Us!
08/28/2002: Who's the Innocent?
08/28/2002: Everywhere There's Wind
08/28/2002: Institutional Multitasking
08/28/2002: Class Often Overrides Left v. Right
08/28/2002: California, Again — Taking the "Parent" out of "Foster Parent"
08/28/2002: Punishment, Religion, and OBL
08/28/2002: I'm Not Intolerant; You're Just Stupid
08/27/2002: Have I Written About the Death Penalty, Yet?
08/27/2002: For the Wishawuzza Talking Head File
08/27/2002: Songs You Should Know 8/27/02
08/27/2002: They're coming for us.
08/27/2002: A Possible Future?
08/27/2002: Case in Point: Harvard Students Argue as a Distraction
08/27/2002: A Note on Discourse
08/26/2002: Jeez, lady, what are you thinking? "Accurate information"? Phooey!
08/26/2002: Round and Round the Morons Go
08/26/2002: Is Everything Online?
08/26/2002: The New York Times Adds to the Gem in the Manure File
08/25/2002: I Must Be Busy: I Forgot to (Humbly) Self-Promote!
08/25/2002: Dissent in Support of Toppling Saddam
08/25/2002: When Highbrow Sinks to the Seedy Depths
08/24/2002: What's in a Camp
08/24/2002: For the Right Wing Double Agents File
08/24/2002: Putting News on the Right Page
08/24/2002: Dust Around the Internet
08/23/2002: Discussing Faith in Good Faith
08/23/2002: Catholics Battling over How to Handle the Scandal
08/23/2002: Truth in Advertising?
08/23/2002: Daydreaming on a Drizzly Day
08/22/2002: Taking the Next Political Step?
08/22/2002: Believe Your Eyes?
08/22/2002: Forgot to Mention (and Update)
08/22/2002: Anti-Catholicism and the FCC
08/22/2002: Bright Future for a Revolution Update
08/22/2002: Where I've Been All Morning
08/21/2002: Repeating Myself
08/21/2002: Daily Instapundit Copping
08/21/2002: Different Perfection
08/21/2002: Allowing Science in the Classroom
08/21/2002: Note on Chalcedon et al.
08/20/2002: And Conservatives Are the "Insane" Ones?
08/20/2002: Instapundit finds some great stuff.
08/20/2002: Mark Shea has said that if you scratch an Atheist you'll find a fundamentalist.
08/20/2002: On Inconveniences
08/20/2002: Good and Bad Over at NRO
08/20/2002: Important Things Are Happening
08/20/2002: OK. You Can All Relax Now.
08/19/2002: Did I Mention That I Was Once a Tough Dock Worker?
08/19/2002: Rigged War Games
08/19/2002: Songs You Should Know 8/20/02
08/19/2002: And since you were going to ask...
08/19/2002: It's All Victor's Fault
08/19/2002: The Bright Side of Housing Setbacks
08/19/2002: Fair and Balanced My Foot... Sometimes
08/19/2002: How They Getcha
08/19/2002: Hey! Look Down Here! Down South!
08/19/2002: Perhaps It's an Old Horse to Beat
08/19/2002: CD Symbolism
08/18/2002: Just Thinking 08/19/02
08/18/2002: Right-Wing Double Agents?
08/18/2002: A Few More Thoughts on Reparations
08/18/2002: Reparing a Race?
08/18/2002: See, even with all the technology...
08/17/2002: How It Starts?
08/17/2002: An "Is this on purpose? Lord help us." Moment
08/16/2002: What if you had the following conversation with an ex-Surgeon General...
08/16/2002: Beethoven Under My Skin
08/16/2002: Blogger Learns Restraint, Film at Eleven
08/16/2002: Whyblog?
08/16/2002: Second Blog Friday
08/16/2002: Both Sides of the Impromptus
08/16/2002: How to Become a Published Author
08/16/2002: Life Happens, and Sometimes It Stinks
08/15/2002: Stacking Good One-Liners for Statistical Purposes
08/15/2002: In the Computer Classroom
08/15/2002: A Counter-Argument to Keep on Hand
08/15/2002: On a Lighter Note
08/15/2002: Those Things That Really Matter
08/15/2002: Update: International Intellectual Dispute
08/15/2002: Conservative Insanity
08/15/2002: Impromptus
08/15/2002: Said the scientist, with his nose pushed up against a Monet:
08/15/2002: Amazing How Point of View Works
08/15/2002: Alas, Shall I Never Graduate High School, Alas
08/14/2002: Let's Connect Some Dots, Shall We?
08/14/2002: The Princess Bride: Source of Wisdom
08/14/2002: U.S. Celebs Across the Pond
08/14/2002: The People's Republic of America; or, How many social issues can a trip to the post office bring up?
08/14/2002: Jumping on the Latest Bandwagon
08/14/2002: Sometimes it takes a bad point to make a good one.
08/13/2002: Digging into the Blog
08/13/2002: Economics News: You Gotta Be Kidding Me
08/13/2002: It's a Big, Multifarious Country
08/13/2002: For the Wish-ah-wuzza Talking Head File
08/13/2002: HIV Eradication: Still Just Wishful Thinking
08/13/2002: Apologies and Coming Attractions
08/12/2002: Songs You Should Know
08/12/2002: Duskwalk
08/12/2002: Blog Infrequency
08/12/2002: Coastal Antipathy
08/12/2002: Iraq & Post-modernism on NRO
08/11/2002: WARNING: A Blog-Specific Post
08/11/2002: Just Thinking 08/12/02
08/11/2002: Politico-Catholics
08/11/2002: A Note on Links
08/11/2002: Writerly Advice
08/11/2002: "You've Got Me; Who's Got You?"
08/11/2002: Yippee! It's Pay the Bills Day!
08/11/2002: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings
08/10/2002: A Coincidence? Or Just a Really Boring Article?
08/10/2002: My Bottom Line on Homosexuality
08/10/2002: Should Andrew Sullivan Preach Chastity?
08/09/2002: My First Blog Friday
08/09/2002: What Exactly Is the Movie Industry Objecting To?
08/09/2002: The Nifty Road Best Not Taken
08/09/2002: And, just in case you were gonna bring it up...
08/09/2002: Social Progress?
08/09/2002: If you love your copyright, set it free.
08/09/2002: I wanna participate in international intellectual battles!
08/08/2002: Case Study: Wishful Thinking Masked as Science
08/08/2002: Ain't Democracy a Pain in the Neck?
08/08/2002: What "role" do kids need a model for?
08/08/2002: Commercial Tunes
08/08/2002: My Next Invention
08/08/2002: Daily Dose of PC Policies Leading to What They Claim to Despise
08/07/2002: Rhode Island! It's Time for Plan C.
08/07/2002: A Note to Build a Dream On
08/07/2002: Clarifying, at Least for Myself
08/07/2002: Continued Conversation with Jonah
08/07/2002: Jonah Emails Me
08/07/2002: Jonah Explains Himself
08/07/2002: "Approaching Islam" as Mandatory Reading
08/07/2002: Goldberg's Philosophical Wax
08/07/2002: After the Heat Wave
08/06/2002: Room for Goofiness?
08/06/2002: I Must Be a Selfish Conservative Now
08/06/2002: Isn't It Great When We Can Turn the Page?
08/06/2002: The Problem With Choices
08/06/2002: A man working his way toward official conversion...
08/06/2002: Songs You Should Know 8/6/02
08/06/2002: I've been accused...
08/06/2002: Official Religions
08/06/2002: Naw... Avoiding Reasonable Profiling Doesn't Infringing on Others' Civil Rights
08/06/2002: 9/11: The Movie
08/06/2002: "Breaking" Clarification
08/06/2002: Career Milestone #31
08/05/2002: And the Debate Goes On (Part V?)
08/05/2002: And Loaves & Fish, Part IV: The Revelation
08/05/2002: Loaves & Fish, Part III
08/05/2002: The Miracle of the Loaves and Fish, Part II
08/05/2002: Maybe context will cool some of that hot water
08/05/2002: Nevermind my opinions on Iraq and religion... now I'm really asking for it
08/05/2002: For the "How'd They Do That?" Miracle File
08/04/2002: Waiting 'n' Seeing Ourselves to Defeat
08/04/2002: Blogging: So Why Yet Another Late Entry to Yet Another Crowded Field?

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