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State GOPs Need a Few Lashings

A couple of weeks ago, Rod Dreher posted this email regarding the loss of the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Louisiana:

I think you are missing the bigger picture - the State Republican Party is a joke. This national talk of a Republican realignment is just hot air unless it can be translated into effective State Party organizations. With two low-key, non-controversial candidates, this race became a State party fight and, as usual, the State GOP had their ass handed to them. Let's face it - the Democratic Party in Louisiana has an organization built to win. until the State GOP becomes more than a coffee social for rich, old women, we will continue to lose.

A subsequent emailer wrote:

Just wanted to chime in on what another reader claimed about the Louisiana GOP - here in Washington, it's the same story. The Democrats play to win, and our party is filled with ineptitude from top to bottom thanks to a party apparatus whose professional personnel changes all the time, thanks in turn to rich old women who view the Party as some kind of knitting club where they can feel good about civic involvement but never really accomplish anything. I used to manage campaigns for state legislative candidates, but will no longer give one more minute of effort to the Party until the Reaper comes for much of the current leadership.

And, just to make it a complaint that truly covers the entire nation, I emailed the following to Rod:

I just wanted to chime in; when I read your comments about the state GOP, they hit close to home for me here in Rhode Island. One example: we've got a local guy who poses at least a minor threat to Pat Kennedy for Congress, and the other day, he held a media event (swimming the length of the district), and the only Republican to show up was a relatively well-known mayor from halfway across the state. Our Republican governor was busy filing papers for Bush's election, and our Republican U.S. Senator, well, he's Linc Chafee.

It's very disheartening, not the least because the monolithic local media (including, to some extent, talk radio) is content to let the little Republican attempts at momentum fizzle out, and as a result, the apathetic population isn't being shaken out of the stupor in which many just vote "D" out of habit, bitch about the insane policies of the state, and then go home to watch the Patriots.

I'm not sure how to feel about the whole thing. Some days, it makes me think that I ought to take personal initiative to force some change in my small state. Other days, I think that would be a fool's errand. And still other days, I think it would just be easier to move...

Posted by Justin Katz @ 03:49 PM EST

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GOP in PA is the same way. Why do you think Arlen Specter is one of our senators?

ELC @ 11/26/2003 04:04 PM EST