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Seven Score

Lane Core marks the 140th anniversary of the Gettysburgh Address.

I'm sometimes amazed at how truly young our nation is, yet how distant the past seems. It's odd to think that, when my grandmother was a girl in Virginia, there were still veterans of the Civil War walking the Earth. To her, the Civil War is like World War II to kids now.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 06:20 PM EST


It may be very young, but seems to be aging quickly. Contraception, no-fault divorce, abortion, euthanasia, marriage re-defined, cultural sewer, materialism rampant etc.. How long do you think we will last in the moral desert after all the trees (aka crosses) have been denuded from the landscape? I hope and pray we can reverse the trend.

larry @ 11/19/2003 10:46 PM EST

Actually, Larry, after having recently followed the partial-birth abortion rhetoric and now reading up on the reasoning of the Mass. court, I've been thinking that our nation resembles, if anything, an adolescent. Just look at how we're treating tradition — all traditions!

This just occurred to me, so it may be rough, but I wonder if one could work out a formula whereby the nation is compared with the growth of a modern child. We had our happy infancy, then the Civil War represented our early-adolescent conflicts, with the early 1900s being a sort of "coming of age" time. Then in the 1960s, we went to college and fell much too far into the trap of our freedom.

Now, who knows? It's all up in the air whether we get a job and settle down or proceed in our self destruction. I guess it depends whether we follow the Baby Boomer model.

Justin Katz @ 11/19/2003 11:00 PM EST

Thanks for the notice!

ELC @ 11/20/2003 02:28 PM EST