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Hold on to Your Seats

Do you ever lean back from your desk and marvel — just marvel — at the insanity of the world? One issue that does it for me most frequently is homosexuality. About three percent of the population is swinging like a loose electric wire igniting tradition and history. 2,000 years of Christian teaching about sexual behavior — including homosexuality, extra-marital sex, and divorce? Up in flames for the cause of a single bishop. The timeless link between marriage and heterosexuality — whereby marriage represents the linkage of a man and woman? Zap.

Yup, the Massachusetts Supreme Court has ruled that marriage is, well, just about anything two people (or more) say it is. NRO's Corner has the best discussion so far (scroll up from here), and it appears that the Supreme Court has essentially punted it to the legislature. I've argued all along that the issue actually belongs with that branch, but the catch is that the court has inserted the boundaries of the discussion. I haven't read the whole decision, so I can't say how pernicious the court's ruling is. But suffice to say that it's reversed the burden from where it ought to be: requiring homosexuals to make the case for their unprecedented inclusion.

That, ultimately, is the sore spot today. Common knowledge — historical meanings and cultural agreement — has been ruled not "constitutionally adequate" in court. Gays have a right to marry because, well, the court says so, and with the help of the media, the American judiciary will seek to push the agenda of this influential minority onto the majority. Just look at the AP headline: "Mass. Court Strikes Down Gay-Marriage Ban." This distorts the facts beyond recognition. There is no "gay-marriage ban." Gay marriage never existed. It has only become an idea within recent years. The headline should read "Mass. Court Redefines Marriage."

So, hold on to your seats everybody. I'll be absolutely honest: I don't care if people are gay. As with so many other things that I'm willing to overlook in my dealings with people on the basis that it is not relevant to our relationship, I feel compelled not at all to seek to "convert" homosexuals who don't bring it up with me. But that's not the limit of what America is being asked to do. We're being asked no less than to reorder our entire society for the whims of a small minority.

It also seems likely that we're being required to give up our more essential freedoms, such as the right to disagree with the elite, in the bargain.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 12:55 PM EST