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Changing the Tune with Passion

Craig, of Lead and Gold, notes an apparently variable rule:

Hollywood can make movies which mock and twist the central Christian story. Yet believers were urged to see "The Last Temptation of Christ" before they criticized it. Those who wanted the film to be changed or boycotted were decried as censors.

All that free speech, robust dialogue stuff goes right out the window when we get to Mel Gibson and "The Passion."

I'm quite a bit too busy at the moment (and probably will be for another decade or so), but I intend, one day, to spend some time pondering the dynamic whereby people speak B.S. to the rest of society and both the people and society know it to be B.S., but all act as if it weren't. In the case of Hollywood, I'm of the opinion that it is starting to stink a bit too much for the charade to go on.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 04:01 PM EST