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Empathy for the Selfish

Kathryn Jean Lopez is much more compassionate than am I:

One of the callers was an angry, suffering woman who was an unwed teen mother pre-Roe v. Wade, forced by her family to put the child up for adoption. She hates knowing that her baby is alive, having much rather aborted her child than let the child live, part of someone else’s family. This is nothing new, of course, in a day when wrongful-birth suits are nothing unfamiliar, and one feels for a woman so obviously in pain, but you certainly do have to pray that that adoption remains closed so that her child never has to hear that from his/her birth mother.

"One feels for a woman so obviously in pain"? We should surely pray for her to find the maturity of thought that will ease her suffering, but I can't get over her sickening selfishness. In essence, this woman would prefer that her child be dead rather than happy with another family. Well, perhaps she can take comfort in the possibility that her child's home turned out to be miserable and that he or she regrets ever having been born, but I don't think that the mother, now a woman at least in her forties, ought to be coddled.

Kathryn hopes that this specific child (now in his or her thirties) never has to hear from this specific mother. For my part, I hope that all people who were adopted and do not know their birth parents can remember that, even if their mothers hold this deplorable attitude, it has no effect on their own value as human beings.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 11:51 AM EST