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And So Ends Friday

I apologize for my lack of posts today. We had a picnic at a pond that proved to be farther away than I had expected (taking three wrong turns didn't help). Then I had to do the work that actually pays the bills. And now, I've just accidentally closed the browser window in which I had collected the few Web pages on which I'd intended to comment.

Other than that, it was a bizarre and exhausting day. On the bizarre front, on my way home, bringing home the dinner that I'd just picked up, I saw an elderly blind (or effectively blind) guy staggering along a very busy — high-speed busy, with multiple exit ramps from a highway — road using a cane. I circled around and drove him to the little restaurant to which he was headed, helping him to avoid crossing the intersection of two high-speed busy roads. The funny thing was that, when I got home, my wife and daughter were watching the children's show Arthur, and it was about a blind "girl" (actually some kind of humanoid animal).

The "exhausting" comes from my 19-month-old daughter. She just will not stop! And she's quite a bit too daring for my tastes.

As for my double-life as an unknown volunteer pundit, I'll try to do better over the weekend. For one thing, I intend to actually write a new essay for my Monday column.

Good night, all.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 12:03 AM EST