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It's Been an "Are You Kidding Me?" Day

So I made it all the way through the Amazing Race 4 trying not to make too much of the fact that the show referred to Reichen and Chip as "married." But their little speech when they won the race tonight was just too much (to paraphrase): "Just because we happen to be gay doesn't mean that we can't do anything that anybody else can do."

Are they joking? Are all people of all groups for which activities are more difficult insulted? Frankly, I'm appalled that two young, intelligent, fit, wealthy, white, and well-traveled men would attempt to lay claim to some sort of victim group status in the context of a race around the world. The elite culture is, as far as I'm concerned, pulling the plug out of the pool of accomplishments of those for whom life actually is more difficult. Want some perspective? Here are pictures of the four winning teams so far (starting with the first season):

See a pattern?

This season... I don't know. I'm not putting this forward as indicating anything that is very likely (although the show is on CBS), but it was all just a bit too perfect for R&C. Reichen is ex-military. They're "married." They had an anniversary while the race was in progress. They won, and they turned it into a gay-rights statement. It couldn't have been scripted better.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 10:49 PM EST

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Some intrepid investigative reporter could, I'm sure, produce a fascinating article, or series, detailing the decision-making that led up to this denouement.

ELC @ 08/22/2003 12:28 PM EST