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Insidiously Anti-American

Amazingly, the U.K. press managed to squeeze some anti-Americanism into a horrible story into which nationality need not have entered:

A BOY of seven narrowly escaped death after being mauled by two American pit bull terriers.

Were the dogs actually shipped from America? Are there different lines of pit bulls depending on nationality? The article never mentions whether the owners were American. However, it does mention this similar occurrence:

In a separate incident, John Smyth, 47, had plastic surgery yesterday after being attacked by two bull mastiffs in Dunkeld, Perthshire.

I offer this link in case the Mirror was unable to discover the nationality of bull mastiffs.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 01:07 PM EST


Are you serious? American pit bull terrier is the name of the breed of dog, not its nationality. If the report had been about a German shepard attacking a boy would that be anti-German bias?

Bil @ 08/27/2003 11:21 AM EST

Well, it was intended as a relatively light post. I hit "Add Entry" with a smile, rather than a scowl, in other words.

I actually didn't know that "American" was part of the official name of the breed, in part because I've never noticed it in other reports about the dogs' violence (a search of the first few news wire stories that come up on "pit bull" shows none that refer to "American pit bull"). My ignorance on this factor might be gleaned from the fact that I asked whether there are various breeds of pit bulls, which is the case with German shepherds, for example. (If the Mirror had published a story about a boy attacked by a shepherd, I think most people would blink a few times.)

Anyway, apart from the mild humor that was my motivation for posting this story, it looks like I blew it on a factual level. I'll leave the entry up, though, as proof of my fallibility.

Thanks for alerting to me to the oversight, Bil.

Justin Katz @ 08/27/2003 11:42 AM EST