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How Predictable Can You Get?

I'm only mentioning this to explain why I think it should be ignored:

A coming edition of GQ magazine turns President Bush in to Jesus Christ -- in a full-page photo illustration!

Oh, yes, there's all that stuff — absolutely true — about the double standard of which Christians get the short end. And that's part of the reason that such things should be ignored: I'd prefer my coreligionists to behave as if they are confident enough in what they believe not to express grievances indicative of doubt and insecurity.

But the other reason is given in the last line of the Drudge blurb:

The photo marks a dramatic entrance for new GQ editor Jim Nelson.

It's nothing more than a publicity stunt. Let the snickerers buy the issue and, well, snicker. One of the blessings of true religion is that it enables spiritual and intellectual growth. Let's act like grownups and not grant the obnoxious kids in the class the attention that they covet.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 10:36 AM EST