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Bono: The Way Activism Should Be

I forget where I saw it, but I read somebody opining recently that Bono of U2 is one of those lefties whom conservatives will tolerate. I think the central reason the writer suggested had to do with the era in which Bono came into the public light. I wonder if it isn't something more fundamental to his activism.

Bono is cause driven, not team driven. He'll work with anybody who's interested in order to get something done. And, perhaps more importantly, he gives one the sense that, in contrast to the activists about whom Kathy Shaidle wrote yesterday, he would be thrilled to give a victory speech.

That's just something I thought when "Where the Streets Have No Name" came on the radio this morning. For what it's worth.

Aha: as he notes in a comment (but, inexplicably, without a link) it was Steve from Absit Invidia who made the "came of age" statement. Rereading his post, I find what is to expected upon rereading anything: there's more to it than I mentioned above.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 07:46 PM EST


It was me... (http://www.absitinvidia.com/archives/000073.html)

I used the coming of age influences to compare him, relatively, to Tony Blair but I think what makes Bono palatable to conservatives is that he knows what he's talking about. He presents as someone who has done his homework - not the typical, miming liberal pack animal.

Steve @ 08/19/2003 01:03 AM EST

Sorry to have forgotten where I saw it, Steve.

I guess the bottom line is that whatever one thinks of the issues, one can respect that Bono actually cares about them. That includes an interest to learn about all that they entail, a willingness to work with ideological opponents, and a willingness to accept when the issue is resolved.

Justin Katz @ 08/19/2003 10:06 AM EST