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Speaking of Rules and the Law

Of course, you've probably come across the tale of the club for recovering alcoholics that cannot allow its members to smoke because only organizations with liquor licenses can accommodate smokers, and an organization that seeks such a document only in the context of its being a "smoking license" cannot get a liquor license. But I just had to link to it.

This is a magnificent example of the danger of pursuing numerous discrete laws just because they "sound good" according to the preferences of the day. It's a bit like weaving a web around ourselves; eventually, we'll all get tangled up in it. That's why legislation is generally a weak tool except in a broad-view sense.

It's also a magnificent example of the service that Canada offers the United States by forging ahead with the logical (though insane) extensions of public policies with which some among us have begun to play.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 12:25 AM EST