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Why I Disappeared

By way of explanation of why I've been a bit light on the posts: today, I'm sending the files for the next Redwood Review. Single-handedly publishing a literary review can be a bit time consuming. On the bright side, I should be able to get the online version up next week, so you'll have a whole bunch more real stuff (as opposed to this blog stuff) to read.

Incidentally, on the nuclear finds in Iraq, I haven't commented because it continues to be useless. Most supporters of the war honestly don't need more than has already been discovered. On the other hand, those who opposed the war will accept nothing short of what they know is extremely unlikely to be found: a warehouse full of weaponized chemicals or biological agents inside missiles that can reach the United States... or something.

As for the unspeakable damage that the Supreme Court has done to our nation over the past few days, I think Mark Shea has said it best:

...if we act soon, then analysis of the Court's actions has the hope of being a diagnosis of a very sick society. If we sit around and do nothing, the analysis of the Court's actions will have the character of an autopsy.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 07:21 AM EST