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Oh, Just Some Kids at Nude Camp

I was going to post this story about nudist summer camps a few days ago, but didn't find the time. Mark Shea beat me to it. Here's my comment, which is about what I'd intended to post here:

What really stood out to me was the conspicuous absence of a couple of related questions. We're told they can't dress sexy (when they do dress, that is), and we're told that they keep a careful eye out for outside trespassers.


Not a single question about sex itself. Even if between the counselors (screened as they are) and the campers there is a strict wall, what about between campers and campers? Or even counselors and counselors (they probably aren't all self-reliant adults).

One more conspicuous absence: any comment about the contradiction between forbidding sexy clothes and playing an inherently sexual game such as "strip volleyball." (What's the thrill of stripping, particularly at a nudist camp, if not the added tingle of sexuality?)

Posted by Justin Katz @ 10:53 AM EST