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What They Don't Want Us To Know

Lane Core puts his finger on the implications of major media's refusal to divulge that a headline-making kidnapper and child rapist is an illegal alien:

Interesting, how mainstream media chooses what to tell us about the perpetrators of crimes. If this child rapist had been an altar boy 25 years ago, they would have told us. If his brother-in-law were a minor Republican office holder in Outer Podunk, they would have told us. But, they don't tell us that he's an illegal alien.

Combined with doubts about the media's ability and/or desire to get facts right, this error of omission rightly raises questions about big-business news organizations' value — at least as they currently behave.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 01:24 PM EST

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ELC @ 06/18/2003 04:00 PM EST