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The Canadian Cultural Battle Over? Hardly.

David Frum's post on gay marriage in Canada is must-read material (and it's short, too). Here's a key passage:

Canadians can expect new battles in the years ahead as the authorities impose ever stricter restrictions on their freedom to express traditional views of homosexuality. And while the pressure groups and the courts may exempt the churches at first, it is hard to imagine that they will exempt them for long. The Canadian churches receive, after all, all kinds of public support. Not only are they exempt from taxes, but Catholic schools are subsidized from public funds. Would we permit people who receive public money to refuse to marry inter-racial couples? Hardly! So how can we allow them to persist in refusing to marry same-sex couples?

I realize that there's a ledge of hysteria off of which it is possible to tumble, but considering the attention that this issue gets, I can't help but shake my head at one thing: three percent! For three percent of the population, ancient religious institutions are being forced at figurative gunpoint to accede to the government's will and freedom of speech and the press is being tossed into new cultural prisoners' Zip-lock bags with the contents of their pockets, only to be returned upon completion of the society's life sentence.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 01:18 PM EST