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Stanley Kurtz Checks In

Stanley Kurtz has entered the current homosexual marriage discussion in the Corner (he made three subsequent entries, up from here). He does mention something that I was thinking about when I walked the dogs last night. (Since I didn't post on it, you'll have to take me at my word.)

In that case, the dangers to heterosexual marriage that Sullivan himself outlines would result. So a great deal turns on what the real effect of gay marriage on monogamy will be. The problem is, it's really women who reduce male promiscuity, not marriage itself. Marriage can reinforce the domesticating effect of heterosexual coupling, but it cannot create that effect out of whole cloth. So gay marriage will not have the results that Sullivan thinks. But obviously, given Sullivan's own logic, gay marriage's effect on monogamy is the crucial question, and it needs to be debated.

It isn't the slip of paper used for a marriage certificate that encourages men to "settle down," it's the women whom they marry.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 02:51 PM EST