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Another Perspective on Gay Marriage

Noah Millman (of Gideon's Blog) addresses the gay marriage conversation that took place in the Corner over the weekend by digging for the roots from his Jewish standpoint. I think he makes some unjust presumptions about the motivation of others when he says he finds it "striking that all sides seem happy to debate this question entirely in terms of social science"; clearly, social effects offer the only common ground that there can be for discussion of the topic, and many who oppose homosexual marriage have not felt the need to retreat beyond the common ground. However, the following does offer some great food for thought. (Note that Millman is not using "myth" in the derogatory "fantasy" sense, but in a more psychological and theological sense.)

What is the myth of homosexual union? What does gay marriage mean, finally? The primary myth of homosexual unions that I am aware of in Western literature comes from the Symposium, and it is not encouraging that the speech it is a part of is put by Plato in the mouth of Aristophanes. No culture can institutionalize a parody of its myths, and most same-sex commitment ceremony language I have seen that is not merely bland and meaningless is just that: parody.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 09:18 PM EST