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[Picture My Jaw Dropped]

Top secret documents obtained by The Telegraph in Baghdad show that Russia provided Saddam Hussein's regime with wide-ranging assistance in the months leading up to the war, including intelligence on private conversations between Tony Blair and other Western leaders.

Moscow also provided Saddam with lists of assassins available for "hits" in the West and details of arms deals to neighbouring countries. The two countries also signed agreements to share intelligence, help each other to "obtain" visas for agents to go to other countries and to exchange information on the activities of Osama bin Laden, the al-Qa'eda leader.

I wonder if the opposing Security Council nation that seemed the least vehement had the most to hide. Maybe, maybe not. But there can be no doubt about one thing: the role for the United Nations in the future governance of Iraq should be extremely minimal. Oh, and the debt that Iraq owes to Russia ought to be canceled.

When I speculated back in January about what a great fiction plot it would make to imagine that the Russians never truly gave up on the Cold War, I was pretty confident that such a thing would only be possible in a novel. Now... who knows.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 07:52 PM EST