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Larry Long Update

You may recall that in my vlog "The Independent Will Inherit the Market," way back at the beginning of January, I pledged to send a bonus CD with a song that I found offensive back to the artist, Larry Long. Well, I didn't actually get around to sending the package out until about a week ago. In response to Long's "Who Are the Terrorists?," I sent along a copy of my poem "Safe at Home: September 11, 2001."

A day or two ago, I got an email from Larry that was very kind, very responsive, and very... well... Christian, which is the quality that comes across so strongly in his CD, The Psalms. Our politics are extremely different, but it cheers me that we can find common ground with our music and with our faith. If you like folk music, you might like to do yourself the favor of looking into Larry Long's work.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 04:14 PM EST