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Using the Weapons That He Doesn't Have

Saddam Hussein may be planning to use his chemical and biological weapons in a more-strategic fashion than simply dropping them on U.S. troops. He's going to make a death-trap of Baghdad. I hope U.S. military planners really do manage to surprise us all with their ingenuity, as I've increasingly been told to expect.

Beyond that, the defector who offered this latest information expressed skepticism about the U.N. finding any WMDs:

"There's no way that they can find them, unless by pure accident," he said of U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq. "Saddam has mastered his concealment tactics."

He has appointed thousands of security officers and trained them well in hiding these weapons.

"These materials are hidden deep underground or in a tunnel system," al-Shahristani said.

Imagine what's likely to come out when this is all over! This underground system must be unprecedented. Is there any chance we'll overtake Iraq without having to destroy them all?

Posted by Justin Katz @ 05:54 PM EST