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The Identity of a Man Probably Never to Be Seen

The name of the man whom the U.N. inspectors turned over to probable death at the hands of Iraqi security forces is Adnan Abdul Karim Enad.

He's a two-year veteran of the Iraqi prison system, based on deserting the army (for reasons of principle, it appears), and he worked in the market. A "flummoxed" Hans Blix fell back on politico-speech:

"I've just talked to our security chief in Baghdad . . . and he said there was nothing in the booklet he seemed to be carrying," Dr Blix said. He added that Iraqi scientists could find "more elegant ways" of approaching UN inspectors.

Well, excuse the subjects of a violent dictator for not carrying along some tea and crumpets! Beyond that, Mr. Enad didn't "seem" to be carrying a booklet; as a point of fact, he was carrying one. I continue to doubt, for reasons I've cited before, that the book was entirely empty. If it was meant as a prop to pique the U.N. inspectors' interest, I doubt that he would have held on to it so desperately.

The point is moot. This man stood as an example of how UNMOVIC will treat the average Iraqi on the street who dares to approach them:

Aziz Al-Taee, chairman of the Iraqi-American Council, said that the incident would discourage other dissidents from trying to seek sanctuary with UN inspectors. "They did not even listen to him. They just pushed him to the security forces. The security forces took him away and he has disappeared," he said. "They should have taken him into the UN barracks and interviewed him to see if he has a case."

Posted by Justin Katz @ 09:14 AM EST

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It's been suggested that this event was staged (with a phony defector):

1. to test UNMOVIC.

2. to show Iraqis what would happen if they tried to do this.

Patrick Sweeney @ 02/09/2003 09:32 PM EST