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A Second Shot at Nonsense

Apparently, the Providence Journal noticed that I neglected to link to the column when I addressed a bit of anti-American-president propaganda by Robert Higgs because they've gone and run it again.

Do newspapers do such things often? If they do, I haven't noticed. Personally, I'm split as to their motivation. The possibility that comes immediately to mind is that the editorial staff is giving in to the groupthink of the news media masses and reflexively opposing Bush's actions by reprinting the column — entitled "To make war, presidents lie" — so soon after the State of the Union. On the other hand, consider the opening paragraph:

Now President Bush is telling the American people that we stand in mortal peril of imminent attack by Iraqis or their agents armed with weapons of mass destruction. Having presented no credible evidence or compelling argument for his characterization of the alleged threat, he simply invites us to trust him, and therefore to support him as he undertakes what once would have been called naked aggression. Well, David Hume long ago argued that just because every swan we've seen was white, we cannot be certain that no black swan exists. So Bush may be telling the truth. In the light of history, however, we would be making a long-odds bet to believe him.

Maybe, with the credible evidence and compelling arguments beginning to find their way into the public domain, the Projo is holding Mr. Higgs up for ridicule.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 08:14 PM EST