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Blogging Today

Well, I'm in one of those moods.

The Just Thinking book has arrived, and now I get to spend a few months accepting that mine is not, apparently, a "publish it and they will buy" talent. I'm too busy doing things that don't pay but may someday (can't tell if it's a limo or hearse a-comin' my way) to do things that have almost no chance of ever bringing monetary reward but that I miss doing (like playing music and writing songs, if you can't tell from the lyrics that seem to be squeezing their way into my writing). Web site traffic has settled from the levels that I hit toward the end of last week, although it seems to have settled higher.

From a less whiny perspective, I have to admit that I'm finding myself unable to get riled up at things. In part, this results from the observation that discussions are coming back around, with nothing changed. The liberals are liberal; the atheists determined in their non-belief. The two reasons to stop discussion are that the issues go away or that the positions on those issues refuse to budge — even if only in such a way that new areas of interest are uncovered over which intractable positions may romp.

Or maybe it's just that it's Wednesday and Sunday through Tuesday take a lot out of me. We'll see. I've been blogging quite a bit more than usual (advisable?) lately, so maybe this is just an ebb.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 11:37 AM EST