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Oh Come On, Sullivan!

I still intend to take a break from andrewsullivan.com, but I've been too interested in any further comments that he might have on either the Rolling Stone "bug chaser" controversy or the Confederate wreath controversy. Today he notes Dowd's activity concerning the latter (sorry, the direct link isn't working):

Did I miss the simple retraction? And what on earth does the Michigan case have to do with anything?

Well, what did Trent Lott have to do with anything? I note also that the only email that Sullivan published on his letters page regarding the wreath affair made Dowd's argument as well (the second letter down from the link):

Your original comment wasn't really about why the Bush Administration would "reinstate" this practice, but rather why it would place a wreath on this monument at all. The fact that Bush is just continuing a practice that both his daddy and Clinton carried on is no vindication of his action and doesn't really detract from the essence of your critical question as to why the Bush Administration would do something like this.

I happen to know that Sullivan received emails criticizing his retraction other reasons. Wonder why this one made the cut...

Posted by Justin Katz @ 09:26 AM EST