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Jesus: Still Being Crucified

I know many disagree, but I've never been much impressed with Penn & Teller's schtick. Now, they've given me an excuse to actively avoid them:

The skit, performed last week in Las Vegas, included Teller, dressed as Christ on a full-size cross, entering the room on a cart. According to the column, a midget dressed as an angel "performed a simulated sex act on the near-naked Teller." Penn, in a Roman gladiator costume, unveiled the scene by pulling away a "Shroud of Turin" that covered the cross.

I suppose the requisite disclaimer is that P&T have a right to "express themselves" in this way, and I declare with complete candor that I would never seek to prevent them from doing so. But there is just no purpose for such an act except to give themselves the little rush of excitement that comes with proving that you care nothing for others. Did I say no purpose? Actually, that's only true if you exclude the possibility that their "performance art" might stop terrorism:

Amazing Johnathan told the Review he was aware that a number of what he called "gospel magicians" walked out of the performance.

"This was performance art," said Johnathan. "I know that Penn is a practicing atheist, and I agree with him that Christianity can be dangerous. Look at the Trade Center. That was done in the name of religion."

So why wasn't it Muhammad with the midget? Let's go, boys. Show how brave you are and mock people of a faith that provides for stronger reactions than just walking out of the show.

(via Mark Shea)

Posted by Justin Katz @ 11:47 PM EST

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Amen, Brother!

I fully support Penn & Tellers right to insult a faith that is very precious to me.

I just wish they would support my right to kick their collective teeth down their throats. Oops, that wouldn't be Christian would it? Let's see, my nature prevents me from responding violently to a personal violation...sounds like abuse to me.

Anton Shrek @ 01/23/2003 10:44 AM EST