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Hey, Parents: Wake Up!

Want to be frightened of the future, particularly if you are a parent? Read this Washington Post article:

In earlier decades this [promiscuous] girl and others like her might have been shunned, but no longer. For one thing, adolescents no longer see oral sex as sex. For another, sexual liberation of the late 1960s shattered the rules and rituals of romance for women in their twenties. It was just a matter of time before their younger sisters embraced the same freedoms, while still pining on occasion for the dinners, flowers and wooing they had abandoned.

This cannot go on, and if you're one of those freewheeling, anything goes adults, you bear a large part of the responsibility for this. It isn't "just" a television show; it isn't "just" something that feels good. It isn't "just a matter of time."

Wake up, grow up, and open your eyes to what the children are up to. Oh, and for you "abstinence education doesn't work" folks, with your free rubbers and devotion to latex:

No one uses a condom during oral sex, girls say. "That would be considered absurd," says one. Although this generation has had more sex education than any previous one, a sizable number aren't aware that disease can be transmitted by mouth and that condoms reduce that risk.

This concerns health professionals like those at Kaiser, who publicize disturbing statistics: One out of four active teens acquires a sexually transmitted disease every year; rates of herpes and gonorrhea are increasing.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 07:23 PM EST