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What Did and Didn't Happen Today

Part of why I didn't post much today was life-oriented stuff. My daughter napped longer than expected, throwing off our errands schedule. Then the blower motor on our heating system finally gave up, so I had to call and wait for the repair guy. Other than that, I've been trying to forge ahead with editing manuscripts for the next Redwood Review, and I did some preparation to write Monday's Just Thinking column and to film the next vlog tomorrow, when I won't look as if I'm about to pass out (hopefully).

Another significant reason that I didn't blog much today was that the only goings on worth blogging were the "peace" rallies and, not only am I finding it difficult to take them seriously enough to write about them (when I turned on CSpan, the crowd was cheering Cynthia McKinney for crying out loud!), but Glenn Reynolds has been on top of that, so it would be pointless of me to repeat that to which I cannot add.

Two items on Instapundit, however, motivate me to offer the suggestion that you print them out and send/hand them to anybody you know who may be taking part, if only in spirit, in the "gatherings for causes that we've defined under the heading 'peace' in our methodology." The first, from Reuters, confirms my comment in my letter to the editor of the Providence Journal:

President Saddam Hussein hailed worldwide anti-war demonstrations on Saturday and said the protests showed that Iraq had international support for standing up to the United States. ...

"They are supporting you because they know that evildoers target Iraq to silence any dissenting voice to their evil and destructive policies," Saddam told senior military officers and his son Qusay, the commander of the elite Republican Guards.

Well, there goes any hope that simply amassing troops on the border will convince the Ba'athists to step aside. That hope was slim, but I wonder how many more people will die as a direct result of these Western fools' desire to relive or imitate the sixties. They've certainly let Saddam know that there's an "installed base" of knee-jerks who will work tirelessly toward another U.S. military loss.

Of course, the scary part is that many of the "peace" protesters wouldn't mind bloodshed that thwarts George W. Bush's agenda. For those traitors, we've got this news:

But while in public the inspectors were celebrating their discovery of the artillery shells, in private experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna were digesting the details of a substantially more significant find - the blueprint of Saddam's nuclear weapons project. ...

Once inside [Iraqi scientists' homes] they found what one Western official has described as a "highly significant" batch of documents which, on closer inspection, revealed that Saddam's scientists were continuing development work on producing an Iraqi nuclear weapon.

I'm not suggesting that the discovery of the proof for which the Bush-lies crowd has been asking will actually sway many of its members, but perhaps they can be convinced — in the vague way in which information sifts into the Karl Pan fog between their ears — that their lives actually are at stake in this particular case.

I'm a hopeless optimist and idealist, I know...

Posted by Justin Katz @ 10:16 PM EST