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Vlog's a-Comin'

I spent much of yesterday getting footage for my next vlog (imagine that: taking the camera outside!). I even stayed up late paring down the script from its original four minutes, and I was going to try to squeeze in filming and production today in-between paragraphs of day-job editing.

But then I realized that Monday is Martin Luther King Day and, because many viewers seem to watch the videos from work, where they are more likely to have broadband, I thought MLK Day probably wasn't the wisest if viewers are the purpose of creating something viewable. So, Tuesday, most likely, you'll see the next vlog.

In fact, whereas I've been shooting for Thursdays, I think I'll make Tuesday my target release day for vlogs because, first, that gives me weekends to work on them and, second, my teaching leads to light posts on Tuesday, so having up a special feature might maintain a level of traffic.

Just lettin' you know.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 07:05 AM EST