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What Do We Lose When the Neighborhood Cop Doesn't Act Like a Neighbor?

I haven't really had much to say about Virginia police going into bars in search of drunk people to arrest besides, "Are you kidding me?"

When I was a fish-unloading dockworker, a fellow laborer, Old Richard (with whom readers of Tackling Moby-Dick will be familiar) reminisced about the days when local police would pull over drunk drivers and bring them home. Outside of extremely rural areas, I don't think a return to such a practice would be wise. However, when it gets to the point of police raiding bars — that they don't even believe to be fronts! — the adversarial relationship between citizens and police escalates in such a way that the public cannot help but be mistrustful.

This may have something to do with mainstream culture's not-usually-flattering portrayal of police. I'm sure it also has something to do with the dangerous second-guessing and hand-tying of the men and women in blue.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 10:42 AM EST