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Reason for My Late Start

I apologize for being so postless this morning. My wife went back to work, so I had the little one, who has decided that morning naps are for other pre-one-year-olds.

Then — the big news — I found a way to add interactive links to video for the purpose of vlogging. I'm going to attempt to vlog on the matter on Thursday, but suffice to say that the latest free Real Player, RealOne, enables some amazing stuff. (The free player download is on the bottom right of the screen to which that link'll take you). I was looking into presentation software, but all of those that feature URL linking cost several hundred dollars. Then, I found a free instruction book for writing SMIL ("smile") 2.0 code.

I know that many bloggers prefer to avoid writing code, but the basics of SMIL are incredibly simple. The difficult part is knowing what to look for within the instruction book. As I learn, I'll vlog instructions. (And, luckily, in my search, I found free Windows Media software that enables streaming screen captures!) Once mastered, SMIL will enable the creation of video that is every bit as interactive and functional as regular ol' HTML, from multimedia links to internal "frames." As time goes by (and the market expands), I'm confident that other companies will make players capable of using SMIL (an industry standard, not a proprietary technology), and still other companies will develop tools to relieve users of the need to write code.

I don't know if I'll have the time to attempt more than simple hyperlinks within my next vlog, but even just that may be enough get the future rolling. And I'm sorry to tease you with this post, but I was so excited that I had to make an announcement. Hyperlinks were all I was looking to insert, and now they turn out to be the least that can be done!

Posted by Justin Katz @ 02:25 PM EST