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Talk Radio: Right Wing Bastion?

Here's an aspect of talk radio that never gets mentioned: the regular news updates on many stations continue to be generated by the mainstream (i.e., liberal) press. A while back, a conservative talk host to whom I was listening was railing against some instance of media bias, and when the on-the-hour newsbreak came around, the reporter indulged in exactly the bias against which the listener had just been warned. (I wish that I could remember the exact circumstances.)

I was spurred to mention this because, last night, the news was on the radio when I went out to walk the dogs. Specifically, the first segment that I heard had to do with the potential pool of Democrat presidential candidates. Some analyst or other declared, a smile in his voice, that Daschle was in a good position to "make President Bush's life miserable for the next few years."

Is this what we want from our politicians? To endeavor to make each other's lives miserable? I understand that our government works best with an adversarial element that restrains extremes from a group in power, but I think it also works best when a sense of fair play and good will exists among our representatives. Or is this merely the angry left's way of saying that Daschle will have the opportunity to be seen holding up Democrat policies in contrast to the President's more-conservative agenda? (Perhaps not: that would require that the Democrats have some policies to tout.)

Posted by Justin Katz @ 08:16 AM EST