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Well, the files for Just Thinking: Volume I, the first annual collection of my weekly column, are on their way to the printer. This project has been hovering before me for so many months that I feel as if my schedule is much more open than it really is now that it's pretty much done. Given that I've had to keep up my for-pay editing, I'm pretty wiped out for the day.

Which leads me to a plea that is about as close to "blegging" as I intend to ever get: if you have any interest in my writing, please consider preordering a copy of the book, or even take advantage of the two-book special offer that includes my novel, A Whispering Through the Branches. I write out of the ideas' necessity and publish for the love of the work and don't expect to make a profit, but every purchase helps to even out the balance sheet.

Speaking of doing things for the love of it, I've got the transcript and mental storyboard pretty much worked out for my next vlog, so it'll probably debut before the week is out. I figure I ought to get in as many as I can before Lileks enters the market, as he's promised to do (see the comments to the link), and drives out the competition. Actually, I generally take the approach that ideas ought to be prerequisites to products, so I'll only vlog when an idea fits the format. Frankly, I periodically pause in surprise that ideas for columns and blogging keep coming, and vlogging, while it adds a dimension of possibility, is even more demanding concept-wise.

There's so much to think about. So much to discuss. So much to write and to do. Right now, however, I need to relax for an hour or so.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 09:21 PM EST