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Statistics on Abuse

USA Today has an interactive Flash presentation that presents some information about the priests accused of abuse and their dioceses. Particularly striking is the 91% of victims who were male, which only increases my feeling that the emphasis on female victims in the last bout of revelations from the Boston Archdiocese was strange in context.

Speaking of context, one statistic that is notably absent is how many priests there are in total in each diocese and in the country. That might provide a more complete picture of the significance of there being only 234 accused priests. Of those accused priests who are still living, I'd say that it is significant that nearly 90% of them are currently over 50 years old.

(via Todd Reitmeyer)

Posted by Justin Katz @ 02:21 PM EST

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Here's a post I wrote last April about this statistical issue. There are just over 46,000 priests, and the reported cases are by no means evenly distributed among the US dioceses.



Fritz Schranck @ 12/23/2002 06:58 PM EST