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"O Come All Ye Holiday Celebrators"

Such stories have been floating around, so I thought I'd link to a column by David Montgomery that sums up the problem and offers several links. At issue is the bizarre dynamic by which Christmas, the most widely celebrated of the religious holidays, is unmentionable in the place in which children spend most of their waking hours: school. Montgomery raises a great point:

What must a young child think when her teacher tells her that it is wrong to sing about Christmas? How must students feel when their classroom is decorated with the symbols of Hanukah, Ramadan, and Kwanzaa, but there is not even a Christmas tree in sight? The lessons that our children are learning from this are disturbing. They are being taught that Christmas is not a time to honor and cherish, not a holiday to celebrate with joy. Rather it is something that must not be spoken of, something wrong or even worse.

I've put this on the list of things for which I intend to be watchful if, by choice or necessity, our children go to public school. If we don't start speaking out, it may eventually become the situation that the only place we're allowed to specifically celebrate Christmas will be away in a manger.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 10:43 AM EST