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Hmmm.... What to Protest?

The idea that parents would protest a pregnant (and explicitly married) doll is mind-boggling. Perhaps when teenage kids start having sex with the intention of building families we should worry about such toy innovations as this:

The truly dangerous aspect of the issue, in my opinion, is that, with sexual content becoming increasingly accepted in youth culture, both in entertainment and the clothing that children are allowed to wear, the quality of the pregnant Midge doll that parents find most disturbing may not be the sex, but the growing up. For example, I wonder how the same people might react to this Barbie gal:

When are people going to wake up from their prolonged adolescences and realize that these things do have an effect on their children? One 10-year-old featured in a Washington Post column, who received a Lingerie Barbie from his 5-year-old cousin, who was bored with it, put it well:

"She gives me lots of toys she doesn't want," he said. "Most of them I give to charity. But not this one, no way. I threw it in the river. No child should play with something like that. They'll get all the wrong ideas."

Please, God, let the pendulum be swinging back the other way...

(Midge story via Reflections in D Minor, Slutty Barbie story via Drudge)

Posted by Justin Katz @ 11:22 PM EST