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In Lieu of Contributing Money to Instapundit

Instapundit links to Acidman's caustic response to bloggers who have taken Andrew Sullivan's recent $80,000 "pledge week" windfall as an excuse to expect cash for blogging. Frankly, I'd love for this blog to be such a big deal that I'd feel justified in asking for money as a "tip," as opposed to simply taking the opportunity of the blog to point out books and such for sale.

To those bloggers who think that the however-many people who read their blogs on a regular basis ought to pay for the privilege, I suggest that, when your blog is more a source of notoriety than regular columns in major periodicals, when your blog becomes a resource for media professionals, then you'd be justified in thinking that it ought to pay. Don't get me wrong: if your readers aren't turned off by your pleas and actually hand over some money, that's wonderful. I'm merely suggesting that there's a gray area before which it is premature to put much emphasis on such exchanges, and very few bloggers have reached it thus far.

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds is one blogger who is certainly ready to make that leap. His site is also one to which I would gladly contribute if I weren't 100% confident that what little money I could afford to give means a whole lot more to my family than it would to his. Therefore, it is fortunate that he has remained firm in his resolve that "this is a labor of love. It's free. And it'll stay that way."

Still, I owe much to Mr. Reynolds for the growth of Dust in the Light, an endeavor from which I've gained the intangible profit of some degree of affirmation and a whole lot of motivation to push on with my other projects. For his openness to linking to unknowns and the role that he plays for the blogosphere in general, I can do little more than thank him. Were he to ever decide to follow the trail that Mr. Sullivan is blazing to the next level, I, for one, would react by saying that it's about time.

In the meantime, if you're inclined to thank Instapundit in a way that I cannot, you may do so by clicking the "Make a Donation" button on the left side of his Web site.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 11:51 PM EST