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Happy Christmas (War Is Coming)

We just went out to do a little shopping and run a few errands, and it seems as if all of the pop/rock radio stations have John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" on a 15 minute rotation. After a while, rather than change the station, I just rewrote the lyrics:

So this is Christmas
We've got a gift for Saddam
And he'll be a red stain
Before he gets the bomb
And so this is Christmas
There's nothing else to do
But topple the Ba'athists
(And maybe the U.N., too)

A very merry Christmas
Especially if you're a Kurd
The U.S. is about to
Topple that dictator turd

War is coming
'Cause we want it
War will bring us
Safer new years

Posted by Justin Katz @ 04:26 PM EST