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Rod Dreher's Low Opinion of Yankees

In a series of posts over in the Corner, Rod Dreher has made comments about how Northerners "can't wrap their minds around" the paradox that is the South. Here's the latest:

I can hear Yankee rationalists saying, "But I don't get it: how can a man fight for segregation, yet have an affair with a woman he believes is his inferior?"

Whether Rod believes the South and Southerners to be inexplicably unique or Yankees to be of limited imagination (Lord knows how I got through so many books by Faulkner!) is difficult to tell. But I'd suggest that he consider that it isn't that Northerners don't comprehend the hypocrisy of such men, but that they're pointing it out. (This is not to say that it is a blind hypocrisy. If one has a mistress who presents an opportunity for a loophole from adultery, it is a matter of self-interest to maintain a segregated community.)

Then again, I was born in Virginia, so maybe I'm genetically predisposed to understand such odd qualities of humanity.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 11:45 AM EST