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Coulter in My Little Corner of the World

Shoot! See that: get too busy to keep the customary eye on the local news and upcoming events, and you just may miss the intersection of local life and national punditry.

Ann Coulter -- a lawyer, author and popular TV talk-show commentator, who has made a career of attacking liberals with a venom that repulses some and inspires others -- was the clear heavyweight in this debate, sponsored by the Roger Williams College Republicans.

George Washington might have been able to throw a stone from my house to hit that podium. (Alright... maybe a superhero version of George Washington.)

Of course, the unavoidable censorship on U.S. campuses didn't help me find out about the event:

According to Michael Ardvini, a member of the College Republicans, someone torched one of the signs that the group put up announcing Coulter's appearance on campus. Ardvini said the club then had to take down the rest of the signs, because they were deemed a fire hazard.

Between the local news and the usual protocol of American newspapers, the big story was that a famous firebrand actually set foot in our state. Personally, I'd have liked to know more about administrators' belief that conservative signage is unusually flammable.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 10:52 PM EST