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Pushing for Lawsuits

I hardly need to provide links to instances of the Democrats flooding the upcoming election with lawyers, to handle claims before, during, and after. This travesty is everywhere. Here's the post that makes up my mind about the strategy that the Democrats are following (posted by Kathryn Jean Lopez in the Corner):

Minnesota Democrats filed a lawsuit yesterday regarding the Senate election. Among their demands: "To include English, Hmong, Russian and Spanish instructions on supplemental ballots." The translation issue only invites further litigation given that, as National Review Online's Byron York reports today, Minnesota Democrats are also upset with the English version of those instructions.

Russian? Hmong? What country speaks Hmong? (Apparently, it's an Asian people with a population of 12 million worldwide, 8 million in China, and between 50,000 and 70,000 in Minnesota.) Ms. Lopez has got it. This goes beyond attempts to gain votes from every non-English-speaking corner of the United States — after all, the Dems have had to know about those 50,000+ Hmong long before now. Added with all of the other fun facts to be found around the media, it seems pretty clear that the Democrats not only intend to sue their way through any moderately close outcome, they also plan to trip up elections so that there will be increased room from litigation.

This goes beyond hardcore politicking. This goes beyond underhanded attempts to gain power. This is getting downright scary. Look, it is a bad-form cliché to despise the other team, but enough of the Democrats' leadership are so nakedly willing to break the law to gain power for use to enrich themselves and a narrow group of friends that we've reached the point at which even a lack of interest in politics or a lack of time or inability to research and fully understand issues no longer excuses putting these people at the head of our nation.

Between this type of news (including the late switch in New Jersey) and the Wellstone rally, I can't say that I find Rush Limbaugh crazy for insinuating that the Florida Democrats may have rigged the Haitian immigrant "event" as part of a plan to knock Jeb Bush out of office.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 10:36 PM EST

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Supposedly only citizens can vote (yes, I know the Dems are trying to change that, but they haven't yet so far as I know). Naturalized citizens used to be expected to learn English, partly at least so as to exercise their franchise. Now they don't need to know enough English to mark a voter's ballot? "...if you do not know the words, you'd better learn them." H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N would be horrified.

Michael Lonie @ 11/03/2002 11:17 PM EST