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A Note on Today

Today has seen a confluence of several circumstances:

1. I'm extremely busy.
2. I've written some fairly lengthy and polished blogs this week (not to mention done some PhotoShop work).
3. I'm a little disheartened at the limited reaction to #2.
4. Nothing that I've spotted in my travels today has motivated me to blog about it.

However, I'm not taking the day off and intend to post later, so please check back. In the meantime, there are always the other sections of Timshel Arts to explore, including a complete literary review and my personal pages.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 01:57 PM EST


Don't be disheartened and keep blogging! I've been interested in commenting on several things you've written recently, but various health/spiritual/car crisis' have got me too scatterbrained to think straight.

Sean Roberts @ 10/17/2002 05:13 PM EST


Glad to hear you're feeling better; sorry to hear about all the hecticity (I know, I know... not a word... but it should be!).

I don't think quitting is an option at this point... so far the blog is the most successful writing I've ever done!

Justin Katz @ 10/17/2002 11:29 PM EST