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Round and Round — Blah Blah Blah

Sorry to have been so light posting for the past few days. I excuse it because I really did write some lengthy posts this week, but that's not really why. I spent much of my computer time today writing poetry for book #2 (First You Must Burn: A Symphony Without Music, II), but that's not why either.

The truth is that it's just been sort of a crummy week in the world of events. The lists of priests popping up in newspapers around the country are disheartening. Worse, though, are all of the news items that are eliciting little more than a "so what" from me. Democrats, who have been politicizing the war from day one, are accusing Bush, in melodramatic (Emmy winning?) scenes, of politicizing the war. Hmm! Rich punks and assorted high-tech counterculturalists (Boot Up, Download, Tune Out) are protesting things that they do not understand. Hey, that's weird! An anti-war protest in England has a large contingent of anti-Israel Arabs. Something new everyday!

Now that I've spent a few months in blogland, I've begun to notice something odd when I watch TV news. It really crystallized for me tonight when I turned on Fox News Watch. Their lead segment was about the lack of coverage of Al Gore's speech. The lack of coverage! How is it that I'm sick of the coverage and these folks haven't seen enough? That's blogland. So fast, new news is old news before it makes the news.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 11:06 PM EST