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One of those days of feeling as if I'm adrift while others sail

Last night, a friend and fellow writer, Andrew McNabb, read a story to our writers' group that was so good that I honestly cannot wait to link you to it in the online version of the Atlantic or the New Yorker (for now you'll have to do with the story to which the link on his name will bring you).

Now I'm trying to work and listening to Elliott Smith's CD XO. My memory about how absolutely brilliant he is had faded.

I really have to get a move on with doing the things that I feel so compelled to get done (e.g., writing books and recording CDs). Problem is: I can't push much more — feeding the family, answering obligations, trying to do the right things when they become apparent.

Maybe one day I'll look at young artists in my current position with a knowing smile... "it'll come." Maybe.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 01:35 PM EST


there is so many books that i want to read, so many plays that i want to see, so many things that i want to paint. but for now, school has taken total control over my life. i don't have a family to feed, i have a few major obligations and some little ones but they are not too bad, i'm young, yet i feel like i can't stretch my day anymore than i have and i can't bend myself any farther.

kris @ 09/20/2002 02:39 PM EST


I remember feeling the same in college. It felt like I would just get moving writing my novel and classes would start up again and I'd have no time. Depending what you do out of college, it could get better or worse, but if you're motivated, I suspect you'll always feel strapped for time regardless

But in college: learn as much as you can; you'll appreciate the books and plays more and find more depth in your painting when you get to them.

Justin Katz @ 09/20/2002 02:59 PM EST